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Commonly referred to as a lambda sensor, an oxygen sensor is used to measure the exhaust gas concentration of oxygen within internal combustion engines, which aids in determining an engine’s operating efficiency and adjusts its’ air/fuel ratio. These sensors also measure oxygen dissolved in a number of different liquids, including those associated with industrial processes.Oxygen sensors utilize various technologies when performing measurements including zirconia, infrared, optodes, and lasers. Types of oxygen sensors include Clark-type electrode, planar style, electrochemical, and ultrasonic.

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  • Vaisala, Inc.

    Vaisala makes the Spectracap oxygen transmitter, a sensor with an optical diode laser based O2 analyzer for industrial gas measurement with in-situ probe for harsh environments. This transmitter offers a heated optical surface to inhibit condensation, housing material of G-AlSi10 mg, probe material of AlSl 316, and an IP66 housing classification. The mounting flange diameter is 96mm and can be fitted to standard flanges.

  • NTRON, Div. of Neutronics Inc.

    Ntron Oxygen Analyzers include those that can be mounted in a fixed position in hazardous areas for gases with hydrocarbons or no hydrocarbons, such as the MGT4 model, with an electrochemical sensor and operating voltage from 7 to 30 VDC, with four 20 mA scalable outputs (over and under range diagnostic outputs), a four digit LCD display, and operating temperature from -4 to 104F.

  • Oxigraf, Inc.

    Oxigraf offers OEM oxygen sensors such as the X3005, for plant and animal physiology. This sensor has a length of 8 and an LN sensor mode, for oxygen ranging from 2 to 100%, with a 1/16" OD single barb stainless steel tube gas input/output and analog sensor output of 0-1.0 Vp-p. Pressure correction ranges from 200 - 1200 mbar absolute, and an initialization time of 40 seconds to operation and 5 minutes for accuracy specification.

  • ENMET Corporation

    EnMet makes the SDS-97D series sensor/transmitter for toxic gases, hydrogen, and oxygen, with a non-intrusive push button calibration and 4-20mA output (24 VDC loop powered), with a digital display and electrochemical sensors, and is RFI/EMI resistant. This sensor has a range of 30.0% V and 0.2% V LDL, controller alarms at 17ppm, 19.5ppm, and 23.5% V. The display is an eight character dotmatrix LCD with a backlight.

  • Endress+Hauser

    Endress + Hauser offers dissolved oxygen sensors, such as the Oxymax H COS21D, with memosens technology, a digital amperometric oxygen sensor, with measuring range from 0.001 to 20 mg/l, and a 12mm stainless steel design, capable of CIP and SIP. They also offer the W COS41 model, an analog amperometric sensor for water and waste water and a 40mm, two electrode design with a measuring range from 0.05 to 20 mg/l.

  • Global Water Instrumentation, Inc.

    Global Water Instrumentation offers dissolved oxygen sensors, with fully encapsulated electronics, a 4-20 mA output, and stainless steel housing. They also feature a marine grade cable with strain relief, and are attached to 25 feet of marine grade cable, with up to 500' versions custom. These sensors offer 0-100% saturation, 0-8 ppm sensing, and warm up time of 10 seconds minimum at an operating temperature from -40 to 131F.

  • Don Wolf & Associates

    Don Wolf sells Honeywell Impact Pro sensor cartriges with infra-red sensors, including 2-gas oxygen flammable type, 3-gas oxygen flammable and carbon monoxide type, 3-gas with hydrogen sulfide, 3-gas with nitrogen dioxide, 3-gas with sulfur dioxide, 3-gas with chlorine, 4-gas with ammonia and sulfur dioxide, 4-gas with carbon monoxide and ammonia, and more.

  • B.D.C. Inc.

    BDC Burner Design & Control sells Honeywell dissolved oxygen probes, with a direct 4-20 mA output and integral electronics with local HMI and a 1/2" NPT conduit, a 2-wire loop powered output, air and sample calibration options, a weatherproof corrosion-resistant plastic housing, LCD 4-digit 7-segment local display, and pipe, wall, or DIN rail remote mounting. This probe also offers tinned leads on cord set for user termination, or you can use your own cable.

  • AMI

    Advanced Micro Instruments makes oxygen analyzers and sensors, featuring alarm bypass, cal factor showing remaining oxygen sensor life, isolated analog inputs, data logger, independent fully adjustable alarm settings, and more such as a minimum detection limit of 10, 100, or 0.05ppm. Their products include trace oxygen analyzers, percent oxygen analyzers, and oxygen deficiency monitors.

  • Geo Scientific

    Geo Scientific Ltd. offers their oxyguard dissolved oxygen sensor, with a range from 0-50mV (with 5 mV per ppm approximately), 1k OHM output impedance, operates at 0-40C up to 10 atmospheres, has a 3meter cable and is 58mm in diameter and 59mm long, and comes in galvanic cell, self polarising, and self-temperature compensating types.

  • Phionics Inc.

    pHionics offers dissolved oxygen sensors and transmitters, including isolated 2-wire series with temperature output channel. This sensor has 4-20mA output operating on 7 to 40 VDC input with loop impedance max of 250 OHM at 12 VDC and 1650 OHM at 40 VDC, with 2 conductor, twisted pair cable and 600 VDC isolation, >70db.

  • Vernier Software & Technology

    Vernier makes dissolved oxygen sensors with a range from 0 - 15mg/L and an accuracy of +/- 0.2 mg/L, a 12-bit resolution of 0.007 mg/L and a response time of 45 seconds in 98% of cases. This probe offers automatic temperature compensation from 5 to 35C and a manual pressure compensation with minimum sample flow of 20 cm/s.

  • Yaskawa America, Inc.- Drives & Motion Division

    Yokogawa offers dissolved oxygen sensors from Hamilton that feature low limit detection to 2 ppb, can be mounted inverted, rapid stabilization for low maintenance time, and ATEX certified sensors & fittings. This probe is laminated in a thin membrane of Teflon for fast response and high selectivity. They also offer 2-wire and 4-wire analyzers.

  • ABB

    ABB offers immersion floating ball dissolved oxygen sensing systems and flow-through sensor cartridges that can be used up to 20ppm (200% saturation), a bayonet-fit connection, BSP or NPT process connections, and a water wash option. This cartridge has an average life of 12 months in rugged environments. Their sensor system has a reduced sensor fouling design with an on-line cleaning option.

  • CONSPEC Controls

    Conspec makes oxygen detectors including a gas cylinder, a 2 remote alarm panel, a four, eight, or sixteen channel gas controller for water and wastewater treatment, ozone generators, and confined spaces as well as research. Their remote alarm panel has a 90dB audible alarm, a Nema 4x enclosure, and can be made in custom designs.