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Used in industrial manufacturing systems to detect the presence of moisture and liquids.

Used in industrial manufacturing systems to detect the presence of moisture and liquids.

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  • Campbell Scientific, Inc.

    Campbell Scientific designs and manufactures temperature and relative humidity sensors that feature a Sensirion SHT75 sensing element. With a supply voltage of 6 to 16 VDC, the humidity sensors have a relative humidity measurement range of 0 percent to 100 percent RH, and a temperature measurement range of -40C to 70C - with accuracies of plus or minus 0.3 percent, 0.4 percent or 0.9 percent.

  • Honeywell Sensing and Control

    Honeywell Sensing & Control manufactures relative humidity sensors that are designed for heating, ventilation, air condition equipment, refrigeration, office automation, and medical equipment applications. Featuring accuracies of plus or minus 3 percent, the humidity sensors have an operating temperature range of -40C to 85C, and operating humidity range of 0 percent to 100 percent RH.

  • Innovative Sensor Technology

    Innovative Sensor Technology manufactures IST thin film, capacitive-relative humidity sensors that feature low hysteresis, fast response times, and high chemical resistance. Available with wire configurations, SMD configurations or as modules; the sensors can measure 0 percent to 100 percent relative humidity and can operate at temperature ranges of -80C to 190C.

  • Measurement Specialties, Inc.

    Measurement Specialties Inc. designs humidity sensors used in automotive, appliance, HVAC and medical applications. One of the company's featured humidity sensors is used in high volume, cost-sensitive applications, or situations where humidity compensation is needed. Other humidity sensors are available as PCB modules and mini-modules. The company also produces individual humidity sensor components and humidity sensor assemblies.

  • Omega Engineering, Inc.

    Omega Engineering Inc. distributes wireless temperature and humidity sensors that transmit up to 180 m. Featuring an operating temperature of -40C to 70C, the sensors have a temperature accuracy of plus or minus 0.5C and humidity accuracy of plus or minus 5 percent full scale at 25C.

  • Minco

    Minco manufactures relative humidity sensors available with explosion proof or intrinsically safe assemblies. Features of the humidity sensors include wall/duct/OSA mounting configurations, accuracies of plus or minus 1 percent or 2 percent RH, and two-point field calibration.

  • NovaLynx Corporation

    NovaLynx Corporation manufactures relative humidity sensors, and relative humidity and temperature sensors. The company's line of humidity sensors feature a think film capacitor sensing element with a membrane filter, and a measuring range of 0 percent to 100 percent RH. With a response time of 15 seconds, the sensors feature accuracy of plus or minus 2 percent (0-90 percent RH) to plus or minus 3 percent (90-100 percent RH).

  • Ohmic Instruments, Inc

    Ohmic Instruments develops a number of humidity sensor types including: absolute humidity sensors; resistive relative humidity sensors for non-condensing environments; waterproof resistive, relative humidity sensors for condensing environments; capacitive hybrid, relative humidity sensors with signal conditioning; and narrow range, relative humidity sensors with up to 1 percent RH.

  • Sensirion Inc.

    Sensirion designs and manufactures digital humidity sensors that measure relative humidity and temperature. The sensors are available in three different packaging types - SMD type, pin type, and DFN type - and feature maximum RH tolerance from plus or minus 1.8 percent to 4.5 percent. The sensors also feature maximum temperature tolerance ranging from plus or minus 0.2 percent to 0.5 percent.

  • Vaisala, Inc.

    Vaisala Inc. designs eight types of humidity and temperature sensors designed for a variety of applications including: industrial, hazardous environment, cleanroom and HVAC, indoor air conditioning, and energy management systems. Some of the sensors feature two-wire loop powered or three-wire voltage output configurations, and an interchangeable probe.

  • Vernier Software & Technology

    Vernier Software & Technology supplies relative humidity sensors that feature humidity measuring accuracies of plus or minus 5 percent at 0 to 95 percent RH. The sensors are used for weather studies, monitoring greenhouses, or determining days when static electrical discharges could occur.

  • Decagon Devices, Inc.

    Decagon Devices Inc. produces relative humidity/temperature sensors for irrigation scheduling, plant ecology, and water balance study applications. The weatherproof sensors feature humidity measuring accuracy of plus or minus 2 percent from 5-90 percent relative humidity, and plus or minus 3 percent from 90-100 percent relative humidity.

  • JLC International

    JLC International distributes humidity sensors for mass, HVAC, and radiosondes/weather ballon applications. The company also supplies interchangeable SMD humidity sensors. All sensors stocked by the company are produced by European-based manufacturers.

  • Michell Instruments, Inc.

    Michell Instruments Inc. designs and manufactures capacitive humidity sensors and relative humidity sensors. The capacitive sensors are used in HVAC applications, and feature a humidity operating range of 5 percent to 90 percent - with accuracy of 1.5 percent RH. The relative humidity sensors feature a measuring range of RH 0 percent to 100 percent, with a temperature measuring range of -30C to 200C.

  • Onset Computer Corporation

    Onset Computer Corporation designs 12-bit relative humidity/temperature sensors for the company's data loggers that accept smart sensors. The sensors feature humidity measuring accuracies of plus or minus 2.5 percent from 10 percent to 90 percent relative humidity, to a maximum of plus or minus 3.5 percent. The company also distributes Vaisala duct-mount RH/temperature sensors and humidity transmitters.

  • Titan Products Ltd.

    Titan Products develops and manufactures humidity and gas sensors. Types available include high accuracy room, duct, and outside humidity sensors, CO (carbon monoxide) and CO2 (carbon dioxide) gas sensors, and air quality sensors.