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Detect ultra violet rays and other waves for a wide array of applications including temperature monitoring and motion sensing.

Detect ultra violet rays and other waves for a wide array of applications including temperature monitoring and motion sensing.

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  • ENMET Corporation

    ENMET Corp. manufactures infrared hydrocarbon sensors used in refinery, gas turbine, drilling, chemical plant, fuel loading facility, compressor station, oil well, wastewater, and LNG/LPG processing facility applications. The single source, dual wavelength sensors feature 4 to 20 mA output, operating voltage of 24 VDC, and a sensing range of 0-100 percent LEL. Featuring a temperature range of -40 to 158F, the sensors provide accuracy of plus or minus 3 percent 0-50 percent LEL, and plus or minus 5 percent 51-100 percent LEL.

  • LumaSense Technologies, Inc.

    LumaSense Technologies designs and manufactures a line of infrared thermometers for predominantly non-metallic, metallic, ceramic, graphite, or glass surfaces. The company's PhotriX series of non-contact infrared sensors are suited for industrial applications that require closed loop control of thermal processes. The sensors can measure temperatures ranging from 30 C to 2600C, and feature four or five different near infrared spectral responses (650 nm, 880 nm, 900 nm, 1550 nm, and 700-1650 nm).

  • Williamson Corporation

    Williamson Corporation manufactures industrial infrared sensors for iron and steel, nonferrous metals, petrochemical, incinerator, rotary kiln, and glass and ceramic applications. The company's offering of infrared sensors includes single, dual, and multi-wavelength types. The multi-wavelength infrared sensors automatically compensate for emissivity variations of greybody material, allowing for greater accuracy. These sensors also feature programmable 4-20mA and temperature limits ranging from 200-4500F.

  • Raytek Corporation

    Raytek Corporation designs and manufactures three series of non-contact fixed infrared sensors for OEM and industrial applications ranging from -40 to 1650C; harsh operating environments in applications ranging from -40 to 3000C; and for high temperature applications ranging from -18 to 2000C. The industrial infrared sensors feature a compact designs and are available with a miniature sensing head, a multi-sensor design, a single piece system design, or rugged sensors.

  • Omega Engineering, Inc.

    Omega Engineering designs a line of infrared temperature measurement instruments including infrared temperature sensors with USB interface, infrared thermometers with circle/dot laser sighting, non-contact infrared sensors with mV output, miniature non-contact infrared sensors, high speed infrared sensors, compact non-contact infrared sensors, industrial infrared sensors, infrared sensors with 4-20mA output, smart infrared temperature sensors, and micro infrared sensors with linear output.

  • Mil-Ram Technologies

    Mil-Ram Technologies engineers infrared hydrocarbon gas detectors and infrared CO2 gas detectors. The hydrocarbon sensors feature a detection range of 0-100 percent LEL, resolution of 1 percent LEL, and a temperature of -20 to 50C. The CO2 sensors feature a detection range of 0-5 percent, resolution of 0.1 percent, and the same temperate range as the hydrocarbon detectors. Both infrared sensor types have 3 or 4-wire connection to control panel.

  • Micro Epsilon

    Micro-Epsilon designs and manufactures infrared sensors for non-contact temperature measurement. The company's product line of infrared sensors includes: infrared sensors wtih integrated controller for OEM, infrared sensors for general purpose applications, and infrared sensors with laser aiming for precise temperature measurements. The OEM sensors feature a measuring range of -40C to 1600C.

  • Exergen Corp.

    Exergen Corporation manufactures self-powered, non-contact infrared sensors for industrial applications. Featuring a thermocouple output, the sensors have repeatability of plus or minus 0.01 C, resolution of 0.0001C, and spectral response of 6.5 to 14 microns. The hermetically sealed sensors are available as micro, smart, snake eye, and adjustable types.

  • Honeywell Sensing and Control

    Honeywell Sensing and Control designs and manufactures a number of infrared sensors for printer and copier, metering and data storage system, liquid level sensing, motion control, scanning, automated transactions, barcode reader, drop sensors, and medical equipment applications. The company's line of infrared sensor products includes: reflective sensors, low light rejection phototransistors, transmissive sensors, optoschmitt detectors, photodarlington detectors, photodiode detectors, emitters, phototransistors, and transmissive encoders. The various products feature operating temperature ranging from -40 to 125C.

  • Process Sensors Corp. - Infrared Temperature Division

    Process Sensors Corp. manufactures non-contact infrared temperature sensors including a compact/OEM series of sensors that feature response time ranging from 1ms to 150 ms. These self-contained sensors also feature a temperature range of -50C to 1800C. Other infrared sensors types include two color, two-wire loop powered, and hot metal detector.

  • International Light Technologies, Inc

    International Light Technologies manufactures non-dispersive infrared gas sensors for indoor air quality, cycle regulation, automotive and gas emission, greenhouse farming, hazardous area, gas leak detection, landfill gas monitoring, alcohol breathalyzer, and patient monitoring applications. The sensors can measure nearly all inorganic and organic gases, however they are typically used to measuring carbon dioxide. The sensors infrared lamp can operate from 45 mA to 150 mA with rated lifetimes from 5,000 to 100,000 hours.

  • Mod-Tronic Instruments Limited

    Mod-Tronic Instruments Limited distributes Exergen-brand infrared temperature sensors including micro, adjustable, smart, high speed, and handheld precision models. The company's original infrared sensor is used for production line quality inspection of thermal processes/thermal signatures at speeds of up to 1000 feet per minute.

  • Schneider Electric

    Schneider Electric distributes a line of passive infrared occupancy sensors including ceiling mount, high bay, wall mount, and wall switch types. The majority of the sensors utilize ultrasonic technology in addition to infrared, and have the ability to automatically control lighting for areas up to 1000 square feet.

  • Keyence Corp. of America

    Keyence Corp. of America develops and manufactures digital infrared temperature sensors that feature 10-ms high speed response. The sensors are available as high temperature (0 to 1350C) models, or mid to low temperature (0 to 500C) models. The various models feature measuring distance of 6.3 mm to 75 mm.

  • Grainger Industrial Supply

    Grainger Industrial Supply distributes various infrared sensors and passive infrared sensors manufactured by Hubbell Wiring Device, Leviton, Sensor Switch, Watt Stopper, Square D, Sloan, Raytek, Lutron, Bradley, and Optex. Infrared sensor types include temperature, occupancy, and motion.