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Sensors that use laser to measure position, distance and other applications.

Sensors that use laser to measure position, distance and other applications.

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  • Keyence Corp. of America

    Keyence offers self-contained and separate amplifier laser sensors. Their LR-Z Series is a self-contained CMOS design. Their separate amplifier laser sensors come in CMOS analog, CMOS multi-function analog, digital CMOS, standard digital, ultra-small digital, and multi-purpose digital designs.

  • Panasonic Electric Works of America

    Panasonic laser sensors are available in miniature self-contained, self-contained with an optional background suppression function, digital, and low cost designs.

  • Allen-Bradley, a Rockwell Automation Brand

    Allen-Bradley photoelectric laser sensors accurately detect small targets (weld nuts, mounting clips) and have a longer sensing range than sensors that use standard visible red or infrared light.

  • Laser Technology, Inc.

    Laser Technology, Inc. offers industrial laser sensors for level measurement for liquids and solids, collision avoidance, proximity detection,  positioning and equipment monitoring, conveyor belt profiling, and altimetry applications.

  • SICK, Inc.

    SICK offers nearly a dozen models of photoelectric laser sensors. Their W100 laser is one of the smallest on the market. The W8 is a laser proximity sensor with background suppression in a miniature housing. The W190 is a visible red light, class 2 laser. The V18 is a cylindrical laser photoelectric sensor with a high range.

  • IFM Efector, Inc.

    Ifm makes laser sensors for general industrial environments, conveying, material handling, assembly, packaging and plastics. Types available include standard M18 housings, small rectangular, large rectangular, fork and angle, and 01D distance measurement.

  • Micro Epsilon

    Micro-Epsilon offers laser sensors for displacement and position. Varieties include low cost, economic, stainless steel casing for demanding environments, high speed PSD, industry standard, anti-speckle, triangulation, extreme dynamic, large stand off, and others.

  • Schmitt Industries, Inc.

    Acuity laser sensors and scanners, manufactured by Schmitt Industries, are designed for dimensional measurement of height, width, thickness, position, surface profile and 3D point clouds. Types include confocal displacement sensors, laser displacement sensors, laser rangefinders, 2D laser profile scanners, and 3D laser scanners.

  • Coherent, Inc.

    Coherent offers a variety of laser powered sensors. Types include air-cooled thermopile, fan-cooled thermopile, high peak power thermopile, high-power water-cooled thermopile, high-sensitivity optical, large area high-power water-cooled thermopile, off-the-shelf OEM power sensors, and more.

  • MTI Instruments, Inc.

    MTI Instruments offers high speed, high resolution laser sensors for measuring displacement and position.  A wide variety of laser triangulation sensors provide measurement ranges to 200mm, operating distances to 300mm, and measurement resolution to less than 1 micron.

  • Omron

    The Omron ZX-L-N line of laser sensors incorporate smart functions inside a small body with a range of laser types. High-speed sampling equals 0.15 ms (response speed: 0.3 ms). There are eight models to choose from.

  • TR Electronic, Inc.

    TR Electronic offers linear position lasers for distance measurement of moving targets in contaminated environments. Four direct/fieldbus models are available, including the LE200 Laser Distance, the LLB65 (65m), the LLB500 (500m), and the BE90 (10000m).

  • Ophir-Spiricon, Inc.

    Ophir offers pyroelectric laser energy sensors in 0.2µJ - 10J and 20µJ - 40J (apertures to 95mm) models. Products facilitate repeatable laser measurements of pulses over long pulses to 5ms and repetition rates up to 25KHz.

  • Optex FA by Ramco Innovations

    Optex FA offers presence absence detection sensors with laser diodes for sensing small targets and long distance sensing at fast speeds. Three series' of products are available; the D Series laser sensor, the ZL Series self-contained sensor in a compact housing, and the D2SA Series separate amplifier laser sensor.