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Used to measure a fluid inside a container or a fluid in its natural form

Used to detect the level of liquids that flow, a liquid level sensor can measure a fluid inside a container or a fluid in its natural form.The level measurement can be either continuous or point values. Continuous level sensors measure liquid levels within a specified range and determine the exact amount of substance in a certain place. Point-level sensors indicate whether the substance is above or below the sensing point.Liquid level sensor types include: fuel, oil, bio-fuel, water, specialist, and capacitive. These sensors are utilized for liquid level measurements in marine, chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, food processing, waste treatment, automotive, and military applications.

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  • Gems Sensors & Controls

    Gems Sensors & Controls manufactures the ELS Series level switch sensors featuring small sized designed, built-in solid state electronics, no moving parts and simple unit installation. These sensors are ideal for medical laboratory, food and beverage systems, pharmaceutical, hydraulic reservoirs, machine tools and petrochemical applications and offer water level sensors offer ±1mm repeatability and broad liquid compatibility.

  • ACT (Advanced Control Technology)

    Advanced Control Technology designs and manufactures electronic liquid level sensors for monitoring fluid level and temperature in a single assembly. The 4000 series liquid level sensors feature field adjustable level switches, rugged solid cellular or stainless float design, temperature switch with 1°C repeatability, 5° C accuracy and up to 15 ampere heavy duty switch. Options include custom lead wires, custom molding, female threads, jacketed cable and metric-British threads.

  • Thomas Products, Ltd., Flow Switch Div.

    The 5100 Series Liquid level indicators from Thomas Products are available in 3/4" NPT mounting sizes with an operating temperature range of -400 to 2250F and operating pressure of 400 psi. These sensors can be made with brass or stainless steel housings and are suited for non-electrical use in hazardous locations..

  • Madison Co.

    Madison manufactures a variety of liquid level sensors and switches: single point liquid level float, optical level and single point conductivity sensors, multi-point level and multi-point conductivity sensors, radar level and ultrasonic, pressure and continuous read sensors. The MAD4500 and MAD4510 represent Madison's submersible pressure sensors line. The MAD4520, a hydrostatic submersible pressure sensor. is ideal for vessel applications involving viscous material and turbulent conditions.

  • Automation Products Group, Inc. (APG SENSORS)

    Automation Products Group manufactures liquid level sensors including switches for single point and multiple point applications, as well as continuous level sensors for continuous reading of liquid levels through an analog output. Continuous level sensor models include self-contained ultrasonic sensors, remote controlled ultrasonic sensors and submersible liquid level transmitters.

  • RS Hydro

    RS Hydro is a manufacturer of level sensors and transmitter for various pressure, ultrasonic, open channel, radar and capacitance level measuring applications. Hydrostatic pressure level sensors from RS Hydro are submersible sensors used for measuring the level of liquids (including corrosive liquids) in deep tanks or water in reservoirs. RS Hydro's capacitance level sensors are rugged and contain no moving parts making them easy and simple to use and maintain.

  • SAPcon

    SAP Con is a manufacturer of level measurement instruments including a variety of liquid level sensors such as tuning/vibrating fork level measurement sensors for accurate level measurement of liquids of solids in vessels, capacitive level measurement sensors for rf capacitance level measurement, rf admittance level switches and conductivity level switches for measure water and liquid level sensors and indicators that work on the conductivity based level measurement principle.

  • Innovative Solutions, LLC

    Innovative Solutions design and manufacture level sensors for a variety liquid level measuring applications. These include capacitance sensors, float level sensors and guided wave radar level transmitters. The CS01 capacitance transmitter features a simple four button calibration to set for whatever media it is measuring. Its 316 stainless steel probe comes in lengths up to 60" and is available in NEMA 4 or explosion-proof housings.

  • Migatron Corp.

    Migatron Corp manufactures ultrasonic sensor products including self-contained sensors, intrinsically safe and explosion proof sensors, high accuracy sensors, remote sensing equipment and close range sensors for detecting measurements withing .5 to 30 inches. A wide range of self contained sensors feature sensors and controllers built into the same unit with sensing ranges up to 80".

  • King Engineering Corp

    King-Cage offers liquid level transmitters for a variety of applications. Models include the AcraSensor, a flush mount sanitary level sensor. These sensors are ideal for sanitary applications on continuous processing vessels or storage.

  • Laser Technology, Inc.

    Laser Technologies is a manufacturer of liquid level sensors products including laser sensors for a variety of applications. Models include the ULS APD-G universal laser sensor four long range capability applications with high accuracy and selectable output power and frequency and the Impulse XL industrial 12-V senor for applications requiring ultra-long ranging.

  • AMETEK Drexelbrook

    Ametek Drexelbrook is a manufacturer of a wide range of level measurement equipment including point level sensors and various continuous level measurement senors. Ametek Drexelbrook's continuous level measurement products come in a variety of configurations with models including smart check well, drop-in-displacer, desalter and RCT RF.

  • Tecmark

    Tecmark Corp manufactures the EP1226 series level sensor, a solid state non contact level sensors that monitors liquid level for a variety of applications.  This model features conformal coated design to keep internal components safe from the elements and an operating temperature range of 0° to 158°F.

  • MaxBotix Inc

    MaxBotix is a manufacturer of a variety of sensor products including the LV-MaxSonar -EX system,  with high power output, noise rejection, auto calibration and long-range narrow detection zone.

  • Uehling Instrument Co.

    Uehling Instrument Co is a manufacturer of liquid level gauges, pressure sensors and liquid presence sensing equipment. Uehling's liquid level gauge products include bubblers, submersible or direct mounted and ultrasonic level sensors and float, pressure and ultrasonic switches.

  • BlueLevel Technologies, Inc.

    Blue Level Technologies manufactures liquid level indicators used to detect the amount of liquids in a vessel to prevent overfilling or control signals for fill shutoff. Models include the CPH Capacitive Proximity Switch, ideal for small tanks and tight spaces, used exclusively where the 2-wire AC or 4-wire DC solid-state output of these sensors is used as an input to a PLC, and where no high current switching is required.

  • American Magnetics, Inc.

    American Magnetic manufactures a vast selection of liquid level measuring instruments including liquid helium level sensors, standard AMI liquid level sensors, and non-cryogenic liquid level measurement sensors.

  • Cole-Parmer

    Cole Parmer's line of Piezo-Resonant liquid level sensor products includes a wide range of models including high-level, wet sink sensors and low-level, dry sink sensors available in several materials including HDPE and PVC.

  • Gill Sensors

    Liquid level sensors from Gill Sensors are used for a variety of applications such as motorsport formulas, military vehicle and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), automotive research, process industry applications and more with features including configurable 0-5V analog output, full integrated electronics and no moving parts. Custom designs are also offered.

  • Innovative Components

    Innovative Components manufactures a variety of liquid level indicators for industrial applications. Various types of liquid level indicators are offered including electrical float type, mechanical float type, pressure transmitters and ultrasonic transmitters. These sensors give point to point or continuous readings and are ideal when full to empty readings of tanks, drums, or large containers.