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  • Gems Sensors & Controls

    Gems offers ultrasonic liquid level sensors, transmitters and switches. Their UCL-510 sensor features a 49" range (1245mm) and 2" (51mm) of beam width and dead band. A non-contact alternative is optional. Gems switches handle pressures to 1000 psi (69 bar).

  • Madison Co.

    Madison Co. offers ultrasonic liquid level sensors with a continuous level measurement range of 0.16' to 90' (0.049 m to 27.4 m). Several power and program options are available. Madison also features LDC display designs available for short-range measurements of 8" - 48" or 12" - 90" .

  • Cosense Inc.

    Cosense is a manufacturer (ISO 9001:2008) of non-invasive ultrasonic liquid level sensors for many industries, including pulp/paper, medical, aerospace, marine, water/wastewater, semiconductor equipment, pharmaceutical, lab automation, food/beverage, fluid/chemical handling, power/utilities, petroleum/gas, and industrial automation.

  • Omega Engineering, Inc.

    Omega offers over a dozen ultrasonic liquid level sensors, switches and transmitters. The LVU line comes in three series', including non-contact transmitter/switches, switches, and loop powered transmitters. The LVCN700 Series are non-contact controllers.

  • Flowline

    Flowline offers ultrasonic liquid level sensors and transmitters in intrinsically safe, explosion proof and general purpose configurations. There are nearly a dozen non-contact and half a dozen contact types available.

  • PEP Plastic Engineered Products Co.

    PEP offers over a dozen products in their 3300/3500 Series of ultrasonic flow monitor systems. These systems utilize Doppler ultrasound technology for applications including municipal water/wastewater, industrial waste, and other like industries.

  • Innovative Components

    Innovative Components is a manufacturer of liquid level switches and temperature sensors. Ultrasonic transmitters are available in four designs, including waterproof with 0-10/0-5 VDC and  4/20ma output, and made of 303 SS. Two point level controls are also available.

  • SSI Technologies, Inc.

    SSI offers ultrasonic liquid level sensors and drum level gauges for most any kind of media, tank depth or profile. Types include in-tank, digital, low cost, point level, and optional height/depth measurement designs.

  • Grainger Industrial Supply

    Grainger offers ultrasonic liquid level sensors from Gems. These products come in 3/64"-1/8" for ABS and 3/64"-1/16" for polypropylene (container thickness allowed). Features include a maximum temperature rating of 158 F (149 F electronics).

  • Kenco Engineering

    Kenco offers ultrasonic liquid level sensors for water, acids, oils, solvents, caustics, condensate and clean liquids. Industries served include power, petroleum, aerospace, pulp/paper, chemical, water/wastewater, and pharmaceutical.

  • Lesman

    Lesman offers Siemens Milltronics ultrasonic continuous transmitters for liquid level. "The Probe" features one-piece design, easy installation and calibration, many options, and low maintenance. This is a short-range transmitter for corrosive environments.