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  • Cooper Instruments & Systems

    Cooper Instruments & Systems offers LFS-210-25, LFS-210-250, LFS-210-1K, LFS-210-5K, and LFS-210-40K beam load cells. These load cells come in temperature ranges from 15 to 104°F, load ranges ranging from 25 to 40,000 lbs, ±0.05% accuracies, and thread sizes ranging from 1/4 to 28 UNF-2B. They are low priced, compact, precise, and constructed from the following materials: double plated chrome, nickel plated alloy steel, and high alloy tool steel materials.

  • Flintec

    Flintec offers Type SBT, Type SB9, Type SB6, Type SB14, and Type BK2 beam load cells. Type SB14 beam type load cells feature a stainless steel construction, capacities ranging from 500 to 10,000 lbs, hermetic sealing, IP68 protection, and high input resistances. These load cells have tank scale, hopper, and platform scale applications, and they are FM, ATEX, NTEP, and OIML approved. Other beam load cells offered by Flintec include: Type SB8, Type SB5, Type SB4, Type SB2, and Type SLB.

  • Artech Industries Inc.

    Artech Industries, Inc. offers single point, single-ended, double ended shear, and "S" beam load cells. Model SS30315 single-ended beams come in standard capacities ranging from 1K to 5K, excitation voltages ranging from 10 to 15 VDC, 3.0 mv/v rated outputs, 350 ohms bridge resistances, and a stainless steel construction. They are environmentally protected, precise, durable, and water/corrosion-resistant. Applications include: industrial automation, pallet scales, force/tension measurement, bag weighing, low profile floor scales, etc.

  • Hbm, Inc.

    HBM, Inc. offers models Z7A, Z6, ELC, C2, and BLC beam load cells. Model C2 low profile stainless steel load cells have accuracy class ratings ranging from 0.1% to 0.2%, nominal loads ranging from 50kg to 50t, high permissible dynamic loads, and a corrosion-resistant material construction. These load cells are EMC, Ex, and GOS approved. Other beam load cells offered by HBM include: model U2A suspended tank weighing, model RSCC S-type, model HLC, and model ELC robust.

  • Interface, Inc.

    Interface, Inc. offers beam load cells in the following configurations: SSB sealed, MBP miniature overload protected, MBI fatigue rated/mini-beam/overload protected, and MB miniature. Model SSB sealed beam load cells feature 0.01% non-repeatability ratings, compensated temperatures raging from 0 to 150°F, capacities ranging from 50 to 1000 lbf, and proprietary interface/temperature compensated stain gauges. These load cells are environmentally sealed and compact in size.

  • Load Cell Central

    Load Cell Central offers beam load cells in the following configurations: XLS2-HSS S-beam, LCC-SLCB/LCC-LCBF mini-gram, LCC-LCS9 single-ended shear, LCC-HSD double ended, and LCC-CBC3 miniature bending. Model XLS2-HSS S-beam load cells feature a stainless steel construction, hermetic seals, operating temperatures ranging from -20 to +60°C, and 1% zero balance ratings. These load cells have a variety of tension, compression, and outdoor harsh industrial environment applications, including: batching processes, vessel weighing, crane cells, tensile testing, etc.

  • Futek Advanced Sensor Technology Inc

    Futek Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc. offers S and bending beam load cells. S beam load cells come in compact designs, capacities ranging from 0.3527 oz to 25000 lbs, operating temperatures ranging from -60 to 200°F, and small/medium/large size options. These load cells feature high/low capacities, built-in load protection, tension/compression load directions, a single-point construction, and metal foil strain gauge technology.

  • Rice Lake Weighing Systems

    Rice Lake Weighing Systems offers single-ended, double-ended, and S-beam load cells. Single-ended beam load cells feature hermetic seals, a tool/stainless steel construction, and capacities ranging from 1,000 to 20,000 lbs. These load cells have wash-down, process, and scale applications. Double-ended beam load cells are secured at both ends, and they are typically used in hopper, tank, and vehicle weighing applications. S-beam load cells come in capacities ranging from 25 to 20,000 lbs, and they have applications for general purpose weighing, suspended hoppers, and mechanical-to-electronic scale conversion.

  • DATAQ Instruments Inc

    DATAQ Instruments, Inc. offers Series LSB302 higher capacity S-beam and Series LSB200 miniature S-beam load cells. Series LSB302 higher capacity S-beam load cells come in a variety of metric/US threads, capacities ranging from 25 to 300 Lbf, operating temperatures ranging from -60 to 200°F, and 2mV/V nominal rated outputs. These load cells have a rugged aluminum construction; a compact design; and applications for scales, silos, or platforms.

  • Carolina Scales

    Carolina Scales offers RL20000 S-Beam load cells for scale conversions and general-purpose weighing applications. These load cells feature 3.0 mV/V full scale outputs, 350 ohms of nominal bridge resistance, and capacities ranging from 100 to 1000 lbs. They are environmentally-sealed and constructed from nickel-plated/high-alloy steel materials.

  • Omega Engineering, Inc.

    Omega Engineering, Inc. offers beam, shear beam, and double beam load cells. LC509 Series beam-type load cells feature built-in overload stops, a lightweight/heavy-duty construction, amplified voltage outputs, and high 0.25% accuracies. These load cells have compression ratings ranging from 0 to 100 lbs, output ratings ranging from 0.5 to 9.5 VDC, and operating temperature ranging from -55 to 140°F. They have applications for automatic batching and industrial weighing applications.

  • American Load Cells

    American Load Cells offers single and double-ended shear beam load cells. SSB Series single-ended shear beam load cells have capacities ranging from 1 to 20K lbs, 3.0 mV/V rated outputs, 20 foot cable lengths, and NTEP certification. DSB Series double-ended shear beam load cells are constructed from alloy steel materials, and they meet OIML/HB44 III standards.

  • Cardinal Scale Manufacturing Co.

    Cardinal Scale Manufacturing Co. offers beam load cells in a variety of configurations, including: center-load shear, heavy capacity, bellows type, double-link suspension, hydraulic compression, self-checking, ball pivot, tension cell, etc. AG Series weigh beam load cells and stand assemblies feature a durable alloy steel construction, potted sealed strain gauges, and polyurethane sheathed cables. These load cells have the following applications: pallet scales, platform scales, pallet scales, fertilizer spreaders, truck/trailer feed mixers, and seed carts.

  • Loadstar Sensors, Inc.

    Loadstar Sensors, Inc. offers alloy steel RRS1 S-beam load cells are typically used in the following applications: general purpose digital weighing scale, suspended tanks, suspended hoppers, mechanical-to-electronic scale conversion, etc. These load cells are easily mounted, they feature a rugged alloy steel construction, 0.03% full scale non-linearity ratings, and capacity ratings ranging from 25 to 20,000 lbs.

  • Sensing Systems Corp.

    Sensing Systems Corp. offers beam and "S" beam load cells supplied with NIST traceable calibration certificates.