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  • Ashcroft, Inc.

    Ashcroft, Inc. offers: GC35 digital pressure sensors, GC55 wet/wet differential pressure transducers, GC51 rangeable pressure transmitters, GC31 ultra-compact digital pressure sensors, and low differential pressure transmitters/transducers. These sensors feature LED/LCD displays, and can get ranges from 0 to 7500 psi. Materials include: aluminum, glass, silicon, Valox, silicone, brass, Viton, ceramic, and stainless steel. Applications include: hydraulic presses, stamping equipment, lifts, water pressure control, water/refrigerant or ammonia based cooling systems, pressure monitoring on lubrication systems, filter monitoring, HVAC, municipal water, tire press vulcanization, etc. Other Ashcroft products include: A2-A4, K1-KX, CXLdp, DXLdp, IXLdp, RXLdp, and XLdp pressure transmitters.

  • Campbell Scientific, Inc.

    Campbell Scientific, Inc. offers: CS477-L radar water-level sensors, CS475-L radar water-level sensors, CS470 bubble water level sensors, CS460-L pressure transducers, and CS450-L pressure transducers. These sensors have operating temperatures from -40 to +80°C, their output can be read by Campbell Scientific dataloggers, and they feature a measurement range of 0 to 230 ft. CS475-L features an SDI-12 signal, CS470 has an accuracy rating of ±0.02 ft, CS460-L has several output options, and CS450-L features a stainless steel casing configuration. Campbell Scientific also offers: CS455-L pressure transducers, CS431-L water level/temperature sensors, SR50A-L sonic ranging sensors, etc.

  • Omega Engineering, Inc.

    Omega Engineering, Inc. offers water level and temperature data loggers (with automatic atmospheric pressure compensation) and hot water meters for totalization and rate indication (with pulse output). Materials include: cast bronze, engineered thermoplastic, permanent ceramic, 303 stainless steel, etc. Water level and temperature data loggers are semiconductor sensors that have a temperature range of -40 to 176°F, they have a 0.001 psia resolution, and are submersible to 30 m. Hot water meters range in NPT size from 3/4 to 2, they have a flow ratings ranging from 0.22 to 132 GPM, and a maximum temperature allowance of 194°F.

  • Global Water Instrumentation, Inc.

    Global Water Instrumentation, Inc. offers WL400 submersible pressure transducers for level and pressure applications. These transducers feature a 4-20mA output, they're completely submersible, compact, and have multiple level ranges available from 3' to 500'. The sensing element accuracy level measures at ±0.1% of full scale at constant temperature, and the operating temperature ranges from -40 to 185°F. Transducers are made of stainless steel, SS microscreen, titanium, and marine grade epoxy materials. Sizing is available up to 13/16" in diameter x 5 1/2" long.

  • Keyence Corp. of America

    Keyence Corp. of America offers multi-fluid pressure sensors. Sensors feature a durable, IP-67 single-piece construction for higher reliability. Sensors have a -4 to 212°F range of heat resistance, and a pressure resistance range of -29.9" Hg to 7250 psi. Applications include: oil pressure, water pressure, and air pressure.

  • GE Measurement & Control Solutions

    GE Measurement & Control Solutions offers PTX 1290 Series wastewater submersible pressure transmitters. These transducers feature 5 to 20 psig ranges, an accuracy rating of ±0.25% FS BSL, and an all-welded titanium construction. The pressure transfer medium is a silicone grease that maintains its elasticity between -40 and +250°F.