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  • Pilz Automation Safety L.P.

    Pilz offers optoelectric safety light beams, grids, and non-contact safety gate systems for the following applications: textile processing machines, injection molding machines, packaging machines, high-bay racking, assembly lines, press/punch machines, robot systems, assembly stations, etc. These safety products are barrier-free, quickly incorporated, easily operated, and compact in design.

  • Leuze Electronic, Inc.

    Leuze Electronic, Inc. offers single and multi-light beam safety devices. Model MLD 500 single light beam safety devices have ranges of up to 100m, operating temperatures down to -30°C, 7-segment displays, and integrated muting functions. Compact plus-m multiple light beam safety devices have transceiver ranges from 0 to 6.5m, beam distances of up to 500mm, 2-4 beam options, and integrated evaluation units.

  • SICK, Inc.

    SICK, Inc. offers safety laser scanners and multiple light beam safety devices. Safety laser scanners have scanning ranges from 1.5 to 7m, up to 270° in scanning angle, and 1-16 switchable field sets. These scanners have 0 to 2 incremental encoder connections, optional reflector mark detection, and ambient operating temperatures from -10 to 50°C. Multiple light beam safety devices come in IEC 61496 types 2-4, resolution beam numbers ranging from 1 to 9, scanning ranges from 0 to 70m, and active/passive system options.

  • ABB

    ABB offers Focus II light beam safety sensors. These safety devices have 1 to 4 light beams, relative distances from 300 to 500mm, integrated functions, and a cost-effective design.

  • Pepperl + Fuchs, Inc.

    Pepperl + Fuchs, Inc. offers multi-beam safety light grids for machine equipment, automatic warehouse, packing machine, woodworking machine, robot, and palletizing system applications. These devices meet EN 954-1 or EN 61496 category 4 standards. Series SLP safety light grids have operating ranges up to 65m, and they can perform multilateral safeguarding via SLP-X-M Series deflecting mirrors.

  • IDEC Corp.

    IDEC offers DS1 Series position/dimension measurement light grids. These grids feature PNP digital and 0-10V analog outputs, operating distances of up to 2.1m, height ranges from 100 to 300mm, 5mm resolutions, and 1m response times.

  • Schmersal, Inc.

    Schmersal, Inc. offers a wide range of light grid safety systems. Model SLG 220-E/R0500-02RF light grid safety systems have protection field ranges from 300 to 6000mm, ambient temperatures ranging from -10 to +50°C, and output currents up to 200 mA. These systems feature class IP65 to IEC/EN 60529 protection, 2-4 beams, up to 880 wave lengths, and 12 ms of reaction time.