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Detect the rate or rotation of various industrial machinery utilizing belt-driven conveyor pulleys.

A type of tachometer, a speed sensor detects the rate or rotation of various industrial applications that utilize belt-driven conveyor pulleys. Most speed sensors are suitable in applications ranging from -40 to 230F and are primarily used to measure the speed of a vehicle’s wheel rotation.Types of speed sensors include: rotary speed sensors, bearingless motor speed sensors, bearingless wheelset speed sensors, speed sensors with pulse doubling, speed sensors for non-magnetic target wheels, optical sensors, magnetic sensors, piezo sensors, and doppler radar.

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  • Motion Sensors, Inc.

    Motion Sensors Inc offers hall effect, variable reluctance, RF eddy current, amplified active, and magneto-resistive speed sensors. Their VR models include the premium series which are hermetically sealed with a heli-arc welded construction, two pin gold plated glass sealed connectors, with a temperature range from -450 to +450F.

  • Honeywell

    Honeywell makes VRS and digital speed sensors, including the 30X9 high resolution VRS models, with a pole piece width of 0.254mm, gear pitch of 36 DP or coarser, and meets Mil-Std 202F method 204D vibration standard. They also offer intrinsically safe, sealed front-end, high temperature, and miniature models.

  • Marsh Electronics, Inc.

    Marsh Electronics supplies solid state geartooth speed sensors. The GS1001-GS1002 speed sensor is circuit protected and hall effect with adjustable stainless steel housing and near zero speed sensing. The GS1005-GS1007 speed sensor is hall effect with adjustable anodized aluminum housing and near zero speed sensing.

  • Smith Systems, Inc.

    Smith Systems offers zero, proximity and standard digital speed sensors. All three are active sensors. The standard sensors operate at 5 to 30 kHz, the zero speed in 0 to 20 kHz, and the proximity sensors from 0 to 2 kHz. They also carry passive speed sensors to convert mechanical motion to A/C voltage without a power supply.

  • Sensoronix, Inc.

    Sensoronix makes speed sensors including hall effect and variable reluctance types, such as analog sine wave speed sensors, with an air gap of 0.005" to 0.150", speed range of 30 to 1000 inches per second, resistance of 40 to 2000 OHM, and a ferrous material target.

  • Electro-Sensors, Inc.

    Electro-Sensors offers many shaft speed sensors for virtually any environment. Their Hall-Effect and Magnetoresistive Sensors sense magnetic targets and work with their magnetic pulsers (Discs, Wraps, Wheels). Benefits include a 5-year warranty; large gap, non-contact sensing; pulse (NPN, PNP) or 4-20 mA output options; single or quadrature output, explosion proof, Intrinsically safe and dust ignition-proof options; and no user calibration.

  • Stress-Tek, Inc.

    Compact Instruments sells VLS speed sensors, optical speed sensors, analog output speed sensors, and more. Their mini VLS series laser optical speed sensor has an optical range of 100 to 2000mm, a speed range from 0.1 to 250,000 rpm, on target ind., IP67 rating, and an m20 threaded housing type, or a plain body with fixing slots. This sensor is made of stainless steel with an integral connector.

  • CHERRY/ZF Electronics Corporation

    CHERRY’s high performance geartooth speed and speed & direction sensors feature advanced electronics and rugged packaging, making them ideal for demanding applications. They are available in a variety of styles and configurations to meet your design needs. Applications include transmission speed sensing for on-road and off-road vehicles.

  • Access Control Sales

    Access Controls offers speed switch sensors from BWI Eagle. Designs include socket mounted, NEMA enclosed, intrinsically safe for hazardous locations, 4-20mA proportional speed monitors, and overspeed monitors. Tac switch series in a plug in control unit that utilizes a non-contacting proximity sensor. Eagle Optima series features single, dual or triple channel, NEMA enclosure and non-contacting sensor. Eagle I.S. System features single or dual channel, zero speed detection and non-contacting sensor to 1 mile. Tac-Monitor utilizes a self powered 4-20mA analog signal, plug in control module and non-contacting sensor.

  • Process Control Systems, Inc.

    Process Control Systems offers rotational speed monitoring systems for industrial applications. They manufacture Maxigard's adjustable speed switches that utilize speed sensors.

  • Siemens

    Siemens produces speed sensors to meet all applications' needs. Range of products include wheel driven return belt speed sensors to shaft-driven speed sensors. Milltronics TASS is a compact wheel driven return belt speed sensor. Milltronics RBSS is a high resolution wheel driven return belt speed sensor. Milltronics MD-36 is a general purpose and hazardous rated shaft-driven speed sensor. Milltronics MD 256 is a high resolution shaft-driven speed sensor.  Milltronics SITRANS WS100 is a compact, medium resolution, pulley shaft-driven belt speed sensor with magnetic mounting.

  • Monarch Instrument

    Monarch Instrument offers self powered and remote sensors. The IRS-P and IRS-W infrared sensors are high speed sensors with a working range from 12 to 25mm and speed range from 1 to 999 RPM. It provides a contrast to light and dark surfaces.

  • Spectec

    Spectec produces magnetic speed sensors and hall effect sensors in a variety of series. Magnetic speed sensors feature a frequency range to above 100kHz, shock and vibration resistance, dual output, hermetic sealing, and stainless steel shell materials. Hall effect sensors are zero speed sensors for magnetic targets and ferrous targets. Hall effect sensors include gear tooth sensors, magnetic sensors, position sensors, quadrature sensors and dual output sensors.

  • Huegli-Tech AG

    Huegli-Tech AG supplies magnetic speed sensors in several configurations within a  temperature range from -55°C to 105°C. Plug connections include amphenol connector, mating amphenol connector, automotive connection and loose packard connector.

  • Process Automation Corp.

    Process Automation offers digital speed sensors and belt speed sensors. Belt speed sensors include the PT-500 tachometer for non-driven pulley rotating range of 24 to 3000 RPM, PT-501LS for 1 to 50 RPM, and PT-501 for belt speeds of 24 to 3000RPM. Digital speed sensors provide 4-20mA proportional to conveyor speed, relay output for belt under and over speed, and Profibus DP interface.

  • AMR Inc.

    AMR Inc. provides speed sensors for mining and automation industries. The LS-3000 series is a compact slip or sequence control switch that uses ferrous metal inductive pickup. Only a mounting near a suitable roller and cable connection is needed. The speed sensors is free from dust or moisture. Features include belt speed cutoff adjustments, cutoff time delay and LED indicator.

  • Mid-State Instruments

    Mid-State Instruments offers speed switches for industrial speed monitoring. Speed switches include slow speed switch, presettable machine speed switch, and hazard monitoring switch. Hall effect sensors are suited for the monitoring of gear teeth, spokes, keyways and digital pulse signal production. Analog sensors are used with pulse generators and proximity sensors produce a pulse per pass of a target.

  • Automatic Controls Co.

    Automatic Controls offers AI-TEK speed sensors. General purpose passive speed sensors include designs such as passive, high sensitivity, full threaded, conduit fitting, intrinsically safe and high temperature designs. Hall effect, active speed sensors feature hex body with cable, explosion proof design, round body with connector, fully thread with leads, and zero velocity configurations. Bi-directional hall effect speed sensors feature stainless steel Hex body and round body.

  • A.I. Tek Instruments

    AI-Tek delivers its magnetic sensor selection including speed speed, side look, hall and bi-directional sensors.Feature include zero speed, digital signal, custom designs and hazardous environment listing. Passive speed sensors feature full thread, general purpose, power output, high sensitivity, molded, and high temperature designs.