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  • Hukseflux USA

    Hukseflux USA manufactures heat flux sensors and water-cooled heat flux sensors for meteorology, agriculture, building physics, fire testing, oven profiling, solar, infrared, and net radiation measurement applications.

  • Campbell Scientific, Inc.

    Campbell Scientific designs and manufactures soil heat flux sensors that feature nominal resistance of 2 W, a temperature range of -30 to 70C, and measurement range of plus or minus 2000 W m2. The self-containing soil heat flux sensors feature expected accuracy of plus or minus 3 percent of reading. The company also produces heat, vapor, and CO2 flux sensors including open-path or closed-path gas analyzers, fine wire thermocouples, and krypton hygrometers.

  • International Thermal Instrument Co.

    International Thermal Instrument Co. develops heat flux transducers and geothermal heat flux transducers used in the laboratory, university and aerospace markets. The heat flux transducers feature a solid state, flat plate design and are used to measure heat flow directly. The geothermal heat flux transducers  directly measure bi-directional, steady-state, and transient heat flow in the earth.

  • Vatell Corporation

    Vatell Corporation manufactures heat flux transducers including heat flux microsensors that operate in environments up to 850C and measure heat flux in three modes: radiative, convective, and conductive. These fast responding sensors feature coated response time of 300 us and uncoated response time of 17 us.

  • RdF Corporation

    RdF Corporation designs and manufactures surface mount heat flux sensors and industrial/commercial heat flux sensors. The industrial sensors can simultaneously measure heat flux in less than 1/2" increments and over the length, and are rated to 150C. The surface mount sensors are used in various research applications.

  • Omega Engineering, Inc.

    Omega Engineering distributes thin film heat flux sensors that feature a temperature range of -200 to 150C. The sensors are used in a number of applications including: determining thermal properties of materials, monitoring structural heat transfer, process control, determining heat loss and insulation efficiency, and measuring convection, conduction and radiation heat transfer.

  • NovaLynx Corporation

    NovaLynx Corporation produces a variety of temperature sensors including heat flux sensors used in air, soil, and water. The company's various temperature sensors feature operating ranges of -40 to 140F, 0F to 300F, -50C to 100C, and -50C to 50C.

  • Kipp & Zonen

    Kipp & Zonen manufacture scintillometers that measure atmospheric turbulence by delivering surface heat fluxes and evapo-transpiration data. The company's LAS MKll scintillometer can derive sensible heat fluxes spanning distances of 100 m to 4.5 km.

  • Dynamax Inc

    Dynamax Inc. produces self-calibrating heat flux sensors for soil heat flux measurement applications. These sensors feature nominal resistance of 2 h, a temperature range of -30 to 70C, and measurement accuracy of plus or minus 3 percent.

  • Captec Enterprise

    Captec Enterprise produces thin foil, flexible heat flux sensors for heat flux measurement, thermal process regulation, testing of thermal insulation, and detection of frost/polymerisation/stage change applications. The sensors feature operating temperature of -180C to 200C, and sensing are of several square feet. The sensors are available in dimensions of 10x10mm, 50x50mm, 100x100mm, 150x150mm, and 300x300mm.

  • Concept Engineering

    Concept Engineering designs and manufactures heat flux sensors used by branches of the U.S. government, universities, national laboratories, and on-line process control companies. The company's line of sensors include low heat flux radiometers, high heat flux radiometers, miniature radiant heat flux transducers, convective and radiant heat flux transducers.

  • Clyde Bergemann

    Clyde Bergemann manufactures Smart Flux sensors designed to measure the heat flux transmitted through radiation heat transfer surfaces of combustion boilers. These sensors feature precision measurement of plus or minus 2 percent and measure range of 0 to 0.4 x 10 W/m2. Installation areas include power industry, waste to energy, pulp and paper industry, biomass, petrochemical industry, industrial boiler, and marine industry.

  • Avalon Corp

    Avalon Corp. designs soil heat flux sensors that measure heat flow in soils. The sensors feature accuracy of plus or minus 5 percent and a temperature range of -40 to 80C. The sensors thermopile is encapsulated in high thermal conductivity epoxy, which prevents ground potential pickup.

  • Newport Electronics, Inc.

    Newport Electronics Inc. manufactures thin-film heat flux sensors for precise convection, conduction, and radiation heat transfer measurement. The sensors ca attach to curved or flat surfaces, and feature a temperature range of -200 to 150C.

  • Onset Computer Corporation

    Onset Computer Corporation produces a variety of sensors including heat flux soil sensors. The company's soil moisture sensors and wireless soil moisture sensors feature a range of 0 to 100 percent volumetric water content, and accuracy of 3.1 percent. The company also produces heat flux temperature sensors used in air, water and soil. These sensors feature a range of -40 to 50C, and accuracy of plus or minus 0.5 percent at 20C.

  • greenTEG

    greenTEG develops, produces and markets customizable heat flux sensors for conduction, convection, and radiation measurements. greenTEG’s gSKIN® Heat Flux Sensor features the following key characteristics, high sensitivity, fast response time, minimal invasiveness, easy handling and customizable design