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Thermocouple and thermistor sensors are manufactured to measure the temperature while in a high temperature environment.

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  • Omega Engineering, Inc.

    Omega Engineering designs a line of high temperature sensors that includes high temperature, fixed distance infrared sensors, miniature non-contact IR temperature sensor transmitters, platinum resistance temperature detectors, and high temperature thermocouple probes for temperatures up to 1335C. The high temperature infrared sensors feature 1 percent rdg accuracy, 10 msec response, and a temperature range from 130C to 3700C. The non-contact IR temperature sensors feature a measurement range of 0 to 1000F, and adjustable emissivity from 0.1 to 1.

  • LumaSense Technologies, Inc.

    LumaSense Technologies designs fiber optic temperature sensors for OEM applications. The company m600 series are available in one, two, and four channel versions, and feature calibrated accuracy of 0.5C within plus of minus 50C of calibration point. The sensors also have a measurement range of -100C to 330C.

  • Kele

    Kele is a supplier of BAPI-brand extreme temperature sensors designed for boiler, stack, and cryogenic applications. The all stainless steel remote sensors have a temperature range of -328F to 1,112F, and accuracy of 0.1 percent @ 32F.

  • Convectronics

    Convectronics designs and manufactures high temperature sensors that feature a range of -450F to 4200F, thermocouple types include bare wire, bayonet (fixed and adjustable), nozzle, bolt style, metal sheath/MI, paddle, lug and washer, bearing, ribbon, sabre, and refractory metal/ceramic and noble metal.


  • Thermik Corp

    Thermik Corp. manufactures temperature sensitive, semi-conductive resistors known as PTC thermistor sensors. Used within limited space installations, the sensors are produced according to DIN 44081 and DIN 44082 - with supply voltage of 2.5-7.5 VDC.

  • Thermal Solutions of Texas

    High temperature thermocouples produced by Thermal Solutions of Texas feature ranges up to 1700C and are available with noble metal, plug or jack termination, and metal transitions. These thermocouples are used in a number of applications including semiconductor, jet engines, laboratory research, nuclear environments, power stations, turbines, vacuum furnaces, exhaust gas sensing, glass manufacturing, heat treating and control, and ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

  • Honeywell Sensing and Control

    Honeywell Sensing and Control designs and manufactures high temperature, platinum RTD sensors that feature temperature sensing ranges of -200C to 260C, -55C to 150C, and -75C to 540C. The sensors are available in a ceramic or plastic case.

  • Watlow

    Watlow manufactures high temperature sensors available in ASTM E 230 types S, R, or B. These sensors feature a temperature range up to 1700C, and outside diameter ranging from 1.6" to 6.4".

  • The Pyrometer Instrument Co. Inc

    Optical sensor radiation pryometers developed by Pyrometer Instrument Co. are designed for non-contact high temperature measurement and feature accuracy of plus or minus 5 percent. The sensors are available with single, double and triple temperature ranges of 770C to 3200C, and are used for industrial applications including molten metals, forging, refractory, ceramic, investment casting, and calibration procedures.

  • Balluff, Inc.

    Balluff Inc. manufactures SlagMaster coasted high temperature sensors that feature rated voltage of 24 VDC, and a temperature rating of -25C to 120C. With an IP 67 rating, the sensors are used in high ambient temperature environments and proximity to weld processes where high intermittent heat is present.

  • Conax Buffalo Technologies

    Conax Technologies designs and manufactures thermocouples for high temperature applications up to 2315C. The thermocouples are used in applications that involve oxidizing, reducing, inert gas or contamination atmospheres.

  • Physical Acoustics, Ltd.

    Physical Acoustics Corporation designed high temperature sensors that operate at temperatures up to 540C. Used in nuclear and fossil fuel utility plant monitoring for leaks and cracks in pipeline and vessels, the sensors are also used in aerospace engine monitoring applications.

  • Tekscan

    Tekscan produces high temperature force sensors capable of measuring force in environments up to 200C. Designed for use in non-intrusive processing applications including injection molding, heat sealing, and heat sink applications, the sensors are found in the automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical, printing, and food and beverage processing industries.

  • Capacitec, Inc.

    Capacitec Inc. manufactures high temperature, non-contact displacement sensors that function at temperature ranging from 250C to 1,000C. The high temperature assembly feature outer diameter of 0.375", large range of 0.10" and 10 microinch resolution. The sensors are used to test runout, thickness variation, coning, wobble, and thermal expansion of disc brake rotors.

  • Emerson Process Management

    Emerson Process Management's high temperature sensors are designed for temperatures above 1000C and feature a protection tube length of up to 6000 mm. The sensors are used for applications such as combustion processes and those containing hot gasses.

  • TC Measurement & Controls Inc

    TC Measurement & Controls distributes high temperature magnet temperature sensors that feature a measurement range from -14F to 572F. Intended for surface temperature measurement, the sensors are available in either a thermocouple or resistance thermometer.

  • Locon Sensor Systems, Inc.

    Locon Sensor Systems Inc. offers inductive high temperature sensors, capacitive high temperature sensors, and photoelectric high temperature sensors. The inductive sensors can withstand temperatures ranging form -40C to 250C and are IP67 rated. The capacitive sensors are used as fill level detectors in liquids and bulk goods, or as distance sensors for testing block materials in hot environments.

  • Hereaus Sensor Technology USA

    Hereaus Sensor Technology USA produces thin film platinum elements that feature an extended high temperature operating range of -70 to 850C, and a temperature coefficent of 3850ppm.

  • Micro Epsilon

    Micro-Epsilon Group design high speed IR temperature sensors with laser marking. These sensors feature a measuring range of -50 to 975C, optical resolution of 50:1, and spectal range of 8 to 14 um.

  • Motion Sensors, Inc.

    Motion Sensors Inc. manufactures high temperature variable reluctance or inductive type sensors that feature an operating temperature range of -450F to 1000F. The sensors feature heli-arc welded construction and are equipped with a flexible stainless steel braided sheath.