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  • Nordic Sensors, Inc.

    Nordic Sensors Industrial Inc. offers a variety of melt bolt thermocouples, including: Model K1, Model K2 rigid, Model K3 fixed, and Model K4 adjustable. Thermocouples have insertion depths ranging from flush to 1", "U" tip diameters ranging from flush to 0.250", a melt bolt length ranging from 3" to 6", and temperatures ranging from -200 to +500°C. Other features include: flexible armor cables, 304 SS bars, mineral insulated 316 SS sheaths, compression fittings, etc.

  • Thermal Devices

    Thermal Devices offers melt bolt thermocouples in 3" and 6" (Type J) configurations.

  • TIP TEMPerature Products

    TIP Temperature Products offers Style MA melt bolt thermocouples (with armor extensions) and Style MB melt bolt thermocouples. Thermocouples feature stainless steel probes, flex armor, and melting bolts. Probe insulation is made from MGO or fiberglass materials. Thermocouples come in Type T, J, and K varieties, and they have temperature allowances ranging from 700 to 900°F. Thermocouples have applications for the plastics industry.

  • National Plastic Heater

    National Plastic Heater offers melt bolt thermocouples in the following configurations: adjustable, standard plug, standard jack, flex armor/spade lungs, flex armor/BX connector, etc. Thermocouples have an "L" dimension ranging from 3" to 6", a "B" dimension ranging from flush to 1", and an "A" dimension ranging from 9" to 144". Thermocouples feature a 3/4" hex head, UNF-2A threading ranging from 1/2" to 20", and melt belts with standard flex & jack armor. J, K, T, and E types are available.

  • Heat and Sensor Technology

    Heat and Sensor Technology offers MgO and fiberglass type melt bolt thermocouples. Fiberglass thermocouples come in fiberglass, stranded, and solid leadwire extension types, with stainless steel overbraids/flex armor that can handle temperatures to 900°F. Fiberglass thermocouples have sheath diameters ranging from 1/8 to 3/16", and round tip grounded/ungrounded junction types. Special options include: solid pins on plug, supply with mating connector, BX connector on leads, cable clamps on connector, etc.

  • MTI Industrial Sensors

    MTI Industrial Sensors offers general purpose MgO thermocouples. Thermocouples range in size from 0.010 to 0.500, and they are available in the following materials: titanium, copper, platnum, Inconel 600, 316, 310, 446, and 304. Single, dual, triplex, and multi-point designs are available with a large range of sheath terminations, including: explosion proof, stainless steel, cast iron, or aluminum heads. Ceramic insulated and bare wire elements are available ranging from 8 to 30 AWG.

  • Pyromation

    Pyromation offers nozzle melt thermocouples. Tip lengths range from 1/8" to 1/4", and they come in straight, 45°, and 90° configurations. Other feature options include: a stainless steel overbraid, stranded conductors, fiberglass insulation, flexible mirror, a boc connector, cable clamps, mating connectors, etc.

  • Temperature Measurement Systems

    Temperature Measurement Systems designs and manufactures thermocouples to customer specifications. Thermocouple configurations and assemblies include: multi-point, tube skin, industrial, cuttable, engine, wire type, washer melt-bolt, bayonet, and miniature.