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  • Madison Co.

    Madison Co. offers a variety of thin film temperature sensors, including: RTD Probes with 48" Teflon-Jacketed Cables, Closed Tip Style RTD Probes, and Rigid Mount Industrial 100 ohm RTD Probes. These sensors allow temperatures up to 200°C, they have probe lengths ranging from 2" to 18", probe diameters up to 0.250", and values rated up to 1000 Ohms. Sensors come in the following terminations: plastic J-box, aluminum J-box, leads, 1/2" NPT, 2 x 1/16" NPT, etc. Sensors applications include HVAC, food, and process.

  • Innovative Sensor Technology

    Innovative Sensor Technology offers temperature sensors in TSic, nickel, platinum, and custom configurations. Platinum sensors have temperatures ranging from -200°C to +1000°C, sizes ranging from 0.8 to 10 mm, accuracies ranging from 0.04% to 0.12%, they're designed with high quality materials, and they have applications for extreme temperature applications. Sensors a variety of customizable options, including tolerance class, TCR value, nominal resistance, etc.

  • Honeywell Sensing and Control

    FHoneywell Sensing and Control offers temperature sensors in the following configurations: packaged temperature probes, discrete RTD sensors, packaged RTD sensors, and discrete thermistors. Sensors have accuracy ratings ranging from 0 to 158°C, diameters ranging from 0.080" to 0.20", temperatures ranging from -76 to 572°F, and tolerances ranging from 0.36° to 54°F. Sensors are constructed from ceramic, plastic, platinum, and silicon materials.

  • United Electric Controls

    United Electric Controls offers temperature sensors in the following configurations: integrated circuit, thermistors, wire round RTDs, thin film RTDs, and thermocouples. These sensors allow temperatures ranging from -32 to 1380°F, BTC/MI/GP thermocouple types, and the following temperature sensor styles: surface mount, plug, process mount, terminal head, and leadwire. These sensors have the following applications: caustic chemicals, food processing, chemical processing, furnace, pharmaceutical, petroleum refining, food, marine, mild corrosives, etc.

  • Temperature Specialists, Inc.

    Temperature Specialists, Inc. offers thin film platinum RTDs. These RTDs have 0.25 mm lead wire types, temperature ranges from -50 to +550°C, a resistance accuracy up to +/-0.50, and a water response time ranging from 0.10 to .050. RTDs meet DIN 43760 and IEC751 certification requirements.

  • Pyromation

    Pyromation offers resistance temperature detectors in the following configurations: explosion-proof, special purpose, general purpose, plastic, specific application, connection head, food, dairy, pharmaceutical, and bearing. Miniature sanitary CIP RTDs are provided with 16 AMP sanitary caps to fit 1/2" and 3/4" tube sizes. They have applications for the food process, R & D laboratory, biotech, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. These sensors are constructed from the following materials: Teflon, aluminum, 316 SS, polypropylene, etc.

  • Measurement Specialties, Inc.

    Measurement Specialties, Inc. offers thin film temperature sensors with the following applications: appliances, energy, industrial process, hot/cold, medical equipment, automotive, space, and aeronautics. Sensors have a 3850 ppm/K temperature coefficient, long-term stability, interchangeability, a short response-time, and a high electrical insulation. Sensors have the following Ohmic values: 100, 500, 1000, or 2000 Ω.

  • Sensing Devices, Inc.

    Sensing Devices, Inc. offers platinum thin film temperature sensors for nearly any application. Sensors have 1/3-1/10 Din elements, and ohms ratings from 100 to 1000.