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A type of resistor commonly used as inrush current limiters, temperature sensors or self-resetting overcurrent protector.

A type of semiconductor and resistor, thermistors are known for their ability to make rapid and large changes in resistance when small changes in temperature occur. Thermistors are used as inrush current limiters, temperature sensors, self-resetting over-current protectors, and self-regulating heating elements.The material used in a thermistor is typically ceramic or polymer, unlike resistance temperature detectors (RTD) that use pure metals. Additionally, thermistors achieve higher precision within a limited temperature range when compared with RTDsThere are two main types of thermistors: positive temperature coefficient (PTC) and negative temperature coefficient (NTC). PTC thermistors’ resistance rises suddenly at a certain specific temperature making them useful for circuit protection. NTC thermistors are used as resistance thermometers in low-temperature measurements and within power supply circuits.

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  • Selco Products Co.

    Selco Products develops and manufactures a number of NTC thermistors, including custom, custom epoxy, tiny, miniature, and micro NTC thermistor probes. Other thermistors available include interchangeable , diode-type, thin film, point matched, short lead, long lead, insulated lead, and many other NTC types.

  • Omega Engineering, Inc.

    Omega Engineering designs and manufactures hermetically-sealed, linear immersion, "flag mount", bolt mount, and immersion thermistors. Also available are thermistor probes with PFA insulated cable, linear thermistor air temperature sensors,  and many others.

  • Ametherm, Inc.

    Amethem Inc. manufactures inrush current-limiting thermistors, referred to as power thermistors, that can be used in circuits of up to 480 VAC. The company's thermistors are used as electrical circuit components for temperature compensation, voltage regulation, circuit protection, time delay and volume control.

  • Fluke (Hart Scientific)

    Hart Scientific manufactures platinum-resistance, standard and secondary probe thermistors for temperature measuring, temperature calibration, temperature monitoring, and temperature validation. The standard thermistors are available in 229 x 6.35mm, 114 x 3.2 mm, 229 x 3.2 mm, 114 x 3.2 mm, and 229 x 3.2 mm sizes.

  • Thermik Corp

    Thermik Corp manufactures thermistors that feature an insulation cover as standard, and are compact for installations in limited space. Suitable for mounting into or onto windings and featuring multiple series connection of up to six sensors, the thermistors have no drift or material fatigue. The measuring voltage DC of each thermistor ranges from 2.5 V to 7.5 V.


  • Arroyo Instruments LLC

    Arroyo Instruments LLC designs and manufactures temperature-controlled mounts that utilize thermistors. The company's 1600-10K thermistor is an epoxy-coated bead thermistor that is accurate to 0.1 C from 0 to 70C. Considered a high performance type, the thermistor has a response time of one second, and resistance tolerance of 0.25 C at 25C. The thermistor features Teflon-coated, 3" 32WG alloy leads.

  • Panasonic Co.

    Panasonic Industrial manufactures thermistors in surface mount and leaded packages. The company's multilayer surface mount and disc NTC thermistors are used in industrial applications for temperature compensation and detection. The multilayer thermistors feature zero-power resistance at 25 cel of 22 ohm to 470 ohm, and operating temperatures ranging from -40 to 125 C.

  • Quality Thermistor, Inc.

    Quality Thermistor Inc. manufactures military/space level thermistors for high cost of failure applications. The thermistors are built to meet the requirements of MIL-PRF 23648, MIL-PRF 32192, and NASA GSFC S-311-P-827 specifications. Test capabilities include: low temperature storage, high temperature storage, terminal strength, resistance to soldering, moisture resistance, high frequency vibration, specified pulse shock, and life testing.

  • RTI Electronics, Inc.

    RTI Electronics Inc. manufactures PTC thermistors and NTC thermistors. The company's PTC thermistor line includes: standard PTC thermistors, silicon PTC thermistors, PTC thermistor probes, PTC over-temperature protectors, PTC over-current protectors, and PTC thermistors for custom applications. The NTC thermistor family includes: Surge Guard, disc and chip-style, Accu-Curve, surface mount, and mini-sensor-type thermistors. Both PTC and NTC thermistors are used for temperature measurement, temperature differential, temperature control, temperature compensation, time delay, and surge suppression within various industrial applications.

  • Spectrum Sensors & Controls, Inc.

    Spectrum Sensors & Controls Inc. manufactures PTC thermistors and NTC thermistors. The company's PTC thermistor types include: self-regulating heaters, over-current protectors, single-sided heaters, SMD PTC for overload protection, motor protection sensor, PTC high-power heater, and PTC surface heater. The NTC thermistor types include: glass encapsulated style, radial leaded glass encapsulated, standard disc style, coated chip style, and surge current limiter.

  • Te Technology

    TE Technology manufactures seven thermistor models including a moisture-resistant thermistor with 900 m long 26 awg wire leads. Intended for general purpose applications measuring -20 C to 100 C, the thermistor is well suited for measuring cold plate and liquid cooler plate temperatures. Other thermistor types engineered by the company include small thermistors, standard lug-mounted thermistors, and small and larger epoxy bead thermistors.

  • U.S. Sensor Corp.

    U.S. Sensor Corp. manufactures NTC thermistors used in HVAC, consumer, medical electronic, food preparation, computer, and industrial electronics applications. The thermistors are capable of operating from -65 C to 300C under severe environmental conditions. Thermistor types include: leaded, surface mount, UL registered, calibrated thermistor probes, and inrush current limiting power thermistors.

  • Western Electronic Components (WECC)

    Western Electronic Components manufactures PTC thermistors and NTC thermistors for industrial and high technology companies. The companies PTC thermistor types include: over current protector, over temperature protector, linear 4000-5000 TCR, 2300-3500 TCR, time delay, and surface mount switching. NTC thermistor types include: thick film surface mount, solid body surface mount, chip, interchangeable, probes and assemblies, pipe sensor probes, glass encapsulated, and inrush current limiters.

  • Durex Industries

    Durex Industries manufactures RTD thermistors that feature maximum rated temperatures of 500F, 900F, and 1200F, depending on model and style. The various thermistors are constructed with Teflon leads, high temperature fiberglass insulated conductors, or highly compacted magnesium oxide insulation. The company also supplies custom manufactured RTD assemblies for operating temperatures up to 1500F.

  • Measurement Specialties, Inc.

    Measurement Specialities Inc. manufactures high precision NTC thermistors for medical and laboratory probe, military, aerospace, instrumentation, HVACR, appliance, and automotive applications. The company's line of thermistors includes: NTC leadless chip thermistors, NTC SMD thermistors, encapsulated NTC thermistors with leads, NTC space qualified thermistors, and precision NTC thermistors. Also offers are NTC thermistor probe assemblies including NTC surface temperature probes, NTC air-gas temperature probes, NTC liquid temperature probes, NTC HVACR temperature probes, and patient temperature monitoring probes.

  • ATC Semitec Limited

    ATC Semitec Limited manufactures and supplies NTC thermistors and PTC thermistors. The company's family of NTC thermistors includes 15 series of thermistor types including: SMD monolithic; radial epoxy-coated with insulated leads; radial ultra-thin with flexible design; axial mini epoxy encapsulated; radial ultra-thin insulated; radial glass encapsulated; radial epoxy =/- tolerance; radial epoxy interchangeable; axial glass diode type; radial flexible/rigid leads; radial epoxy lead-frame; radial epoxy coated stiff leads; SMD monolithic chip NTC; axial high temperature thin film; and radial epoxy interchangeable.

  • CANTHERM - Canadian Thermostats & Control Devices Ltd.

    Cantherm distributes nine series of NTC thermistors and one type of PTC thermistor. The company's TS3 series of NTC thermistor is used as an overtemperature protector for power semi-conductors, such as transistors, power output stages, and amplifiers. The thermistors features a negative temperature coefficient ranging from 40 percent per C to 200 per C. Below the transition region the thermistor exhibits a linear thermistor characteristic of -2 to -4 C.

  • GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies

    GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies engineers NTC glass thermistors, NTC epoxy thermistors, SMD thermistors, radial-leaded NTC thermistors, and PTC thermistors for the measurement, control and protection of automobiles, medical devices, telecommunications systems, fluorescent lights, and domestic appliances.

  • Kele

    Precon manufactures interchangeable NTC thermistors that feature a number of resistance curves, and changes 4 to 6 percent for each degree in temperature change. The company's NTC thermistors include bead bare bead and RTD-types. The bare bead type have an accuracy of =/- 0.36 F, while the RTDs have an accuracy of +/- 0.1 percent. The thermistors are used in industrial process control, commercial equipment, semiconductor fabrication, remote system monitoring, pool and spa, and food processing equipment applications.

  • Shibaura Electronics Co, Ltd

    Shibaura Electronics Co. Ltd. is a Japanese research and developer of PSB thermistors, which feature high stability, uniform shape and characteristics, and glass coating for high heat resistance and anti-moisture. The thermistors are used within a number of industries including office automation, industrial instrument, energy development, and environmental protection industries.