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  • Spectrum Sensors & Controls, Inc.

    Spectrum Sensors & Controls, Inc. offers a variety of PTC thermistors, including: SMD PTC for overload protection, single sided heaters, self-regulating heaters, PTC surface heaters, and PTC high powered heaters. PTC thermistors have the following features: efficient energy transfer, no moving parts, a virtually unlimited life, voltage ratings up to 300V, rugged construction, rated power up to 1500W, etc. PTC thermistors have the following applications: vehicle heaters, telecommunications equipment, CCTV cameras, refrigeration drip trays, parallels, power supply overload protection, etc. Spectrum also offers motor protection sensors and over-current protectors.


  • Western Electronic Components (WECC)

    Western Electronic Components offers a wide range of PTC thermistors, including: surface mount PTC switching, PTC time delay, PTC overtemperature protectors, PTC overcurrent protectors, Linear PTC 4000-5000 TCR, and Linear PTC 2300-3500 TCR. Thermisor features iclude: temperatures up to 200°C, voltage ratings up to 300 V, a maximum diameter of 65", solid state composition, no moving parts, low cost, easy mounting, multiple sizing options, etc. Thermistor applications include: temperature measurement/compensation, over temperature sensing, converter circuits, power circuits, amplifier circuits, etc.

  • Thermik Corp

    Thermik Corp. offers PTC thermistors for amplifier, drive controller, trip relay, load current, and alarm applications. Thermistors are flexible, stable, DIN 44081/44082 certified, compact, and consume a minimal amount of power. The recommended supply voltage ranges from 2.5 to 7.5 VDC.

  • RTI Electronics, Inc.

    RTI Electronics, Inc. offers Mil-Spec PTC thermistors that meet or exceed all requirements of MIL-T-2368 for positive temperature coefficient thermistors. Thermistors have an ambient operational temperature range from -65 to +150°C, a resistance range from 10 to 39,000 ohms, and a maximum wattage rating of 0.250 watts. Thermistors have applications for amplifiers, over-temperature protection, temperature regulation, thermometry, and telemetry.

  • Durex Industries

    Durex Industries offers PTC thermistor assemblies for a wide range of applications. These assemblies are versatile, economical, and can handle temperatures up to 300°C. Their housings are constructed from plastic, brass, or stainless steel materials for adaptation in almost any environment within range of the element.

  • Vishay Intertechnology, Inc.

    Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. offers PVC thermistors for the following applications: overload protection, time delay (for lighting), heating, over-temperature protection, start packages, start pellets, etc. Voltage ratings range from 30 to 600V.

  • Murata Electronics North America, Inc.

    Murata Electronics North America, Inc. offers PTC Thermistors for inrush current protection, temperature compensation, circuit protection, and overheating detection applications.

  • CANTHERM - Canadian Thermostats & Control Devices Ltd.

    Canadian Thermostats & Control Devices Ltd. offers PTC thermistors in the following configurations: single thermistors with shrunk-sleeve & epoxy seal, mount-on sensors in isolated brass/aluminum housing, and triple thermistors with shrunk-sleeve & epoxy seal. Thermistors have a nominal response temperature range from 80 to 180°C, a 2.5 kV insulation strength, PTFE conductors, and a maximum allowable temperature of 200°C.