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Piezoelectric Transducers

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  • Mide Technology Corp

    Mide Technology Corp. designs and assembles conformable, directional piezoelectric transducers that feature a full scale voltage range of 120V. The transducers are used for aircraft skins, rotorblades, fuselage panels, antennas, payload fairings, and industrial equipment applications.


  • PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P.

    Physik Instrument produces piezoelectric patch transducers that feature operating voltage of -250V to 1000V and operating temperature range of -20C to 150C. The transducers are used in high dynamic actuators, adaptive systems, vibration and noise cancellation, deformation control and stabilization, damage monitoring, and energy harvesting applications.


  • Process Measurement & Controls, Inc.

    Process Measurement & Controls Inc. manufactures piezoelectric pressure transducers that feature 1 to 15,000 psi, operating temperature of -40 to 300F, and O-ring seal or weldable design. The transducers have hysteresis and repeatability of 0.02 percent, along with analog or digital outputs.

  • SensComp, Inc.

    SensComp Inc. designs two series of piezoelectric transducers intended for operation in air at ultrasonic frequencies found within industrial, automotive, scientific, level measurement and proximity applications. Both series of transducers feature closed-faced, metal case construction, and are divided into three groups: transmit/receiver pairs, transceivers, and high frequency/high resolution units.

  • Velleman Inc.

    Velleman Inc. manufactures piezoelectric transducers that feature operating voltages of 5 VAC or 30 VAC, resonant frequencies of 4 kHz or 0.5-20 kHz, sound pressure levels of 75dB or 85 dB, and rated voltages of 15 VAC or 5 VAC.

  • BAE Systems

    BAE systems manufactures piezoelectric, underwater acoustic transducers for the military and civil market. The various transducers are tested by the company utilizing a 5m x 7.5m x 5m in-door fresh water test tank and a hydrostatic pressure test facility up to 100 bar.


  • Materials Systems Inc.

    Material Systems Inc. manufactures industrial piezoelectric transducers that can withstand temperature ranging from -40C to 150C and pressures up to 25,000 psi. Frequencies can range from 25 kHz to more than 1 MHz, with the transducers able to scan large areas of industrial materials at high speed.

  • Noliac North America Inc

    Noliac North America designs and manufactures ultrasonic piezoelectric transducers that feature power voltage of 5V, 9V, or 30V, with 1/4 MHz operating frequency. The transducers also feature high sensitivity, shielding and EDS protection, and short blind distance.

  • PCB Piezotronics, Inc.

    PCB Piezotronics manufactures nearly 100 piezoelectric pressure transducer types that feature case isolated, floating clamp nut, ground isolated, helium bleed/purge, integral threads, low profile, miniature, and water cooled configurations.

  • APC International Ltd

    APC International manufactures and supplies piezoelectric ultrasonic air transducers that feature 25 kHz or 40 kHz signal frequency and 10 mm to 25 mm diameter. The transducers are used for automobile sensors, proximity sensors, object detectors, level sensors, remote controls, motion detectors/intruder alarms, and pest deterrents applications.

  • IMCO

    IMCO manufactures self-generating, piezoelectric transducers for column mounting, pitman mounting, or in-die mounting.

  • Piezo Technologies

    Piezo Technologies manufactures piezoelectric ultrasonic transducers for medical and industrial applications. Ultrasonic transducer types include: air-in-line, angle beam, contact, downhole, dual element, high power, high temperature, immersion search, level measurement, megasonic, pencil type, immersion, and thickness gauging.