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Ultrasonic Transducers

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  • Blatek, Inc.

    Blatek Inc. develops, engineers, and manufactures medical ultrasonic transducers and industrial ultrasonic transducers. Medial ultrasonic/ultrasound transducer types include phased array, linear array, curved linear array, 1.5D and 2D array, doppler CW and PW, ophthalmic, B-scan, and HIFU. The industrial ultrasonic/ultrasound transducer types include phased array, angle beam, normal incidence shear wave, dual element, single element, TOFD, and ultrasonic flowmeter.

  • Olympus Inspection & Maintenance Systems

    Olympus Inspection & Maintenance Systems manufactures more than 4,0000 types of ultrasonic transducers used for flaw detection, thickness gauging, materials research, and medical diagnostics applications. Types of ultrasonic transducers include: immersion transducers with various style housings, integral angle beam transducers, special transducers, pencil transducers, spot weld transducers, dry-coupled contact and roller transducers, and sub-miniature/ultra-miniature angle beam transducers.

  • Noliac North America Inc

    Noliac North America designs, develops and manufactures ultrasonic transducers that are designed for pulse radiation in frequency band of 250kHZ. The transducers feature high sensitivity, low driving voltage, 1/4 MHz operating frequency, shielding and EDS protection, and short blind distance.

  • Parsonics Corp.

    Parsonics Corp. manufactures 14 ultrasonic air transducer models that span the frequency range of 20 kHz to 500 kHz. The various ultrasonic transducers are used in liquid level monitoring, proximity, machine control, vehicle guidance, counting, gauging, and other applications found within process control industries.

  • Ransohoff

    Ransohoff manufactures ultrasonic immersible transducers available in frequencies including 25, 40, 72, 80, 104, 120, 140, 170, 220, and 270 kHz. The transducers can be side or bottom mounted and are designed to withstand heavy industrial environments.

  • APC International Ltd

    APC International manufactures and supplies piezoelectric ultrasonic air transducers that feature 25 kHz or 40 kHz signal frequency. The highly sensitive, 10mm to 25mm diameter transducers are used in a number of applications including automobile sensors, proximity sensors, object detectors, level sensors, remote controls, motion detectors, pest deterrents, and toys/games.

  • Blue Wave Ultrasonics, Inc.

    Blue Wave Ultrasonics Inc. manufactures ultrasonic transducers used in the aerospace, aircraft, automotive, electronics, health care, hospital, medical, optical, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, and textile industries.

  • Piezo Technologies

    Piezo Technologies manufactures custom high performance ultrasonic transducers and transducers for medical and industrial applications. Ultrasonic transducer types include: air-in-line, angle beam, contact, downhole, dual element, HIFU, high-power, high temperature, immersion, level measurement, pencil, megasonic, and thickness gauging.