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Acceleration switches control acceleration, spin, impact, recoil and directional vibration in a wide array of industries.

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  • Select Controls, Inc.

    Select Controls Inc. designs and produces surface mountable acceleration/impact switches that feature sensitivities ranging from 0.5G to 22,000G. The acceleration switches are available as normally open, non-latching; normally-closed, latching; and normally-open, non-latching types with axial leads, co-planar leads, flex leads, and single leads. Acceleration switches are used in military, aerospace, automotive, and commercial industrial applications.

  • Inertia Switch, Inc.

    Inertia Switch Inc. designs, engineers and manufactures a line of acceleration switch types including general purpose, aircraft, shock indicators, G-time, miniature, and space. The general purpose acceleration switches are available as single or multi-axis, latching or momentary response, and solid wire or Teflon wire leads. The switches feature a range of 0.2 G to 100G.

  • Comus International

    Comus International manufactures six, normally open acceleration/shock switch models that feature activation levels of 2.4-9G, 5-9.9G, 10-14.9G, 15-19.9G, and 3-9G. All the switches feature a switching voltage of 24 VDC, switching current of 0.25A, and switching capacity of 3 VA or 5 VA.

  • Circor Aerospace, Inc. / Aerodyne Controls

    Circor Aerospace Inc. manufactures mercury-free motion switches including acceleration switches for applications involving speed, spin, impact, recoil, directional sensing vibration, and G-time products. Available with tilt, turnover, motion/sensing disturbance capabilities, The acceleration switches feature size and packages of TO-5 and TO-18, and single use latching or resetable latching designs.

  • SignalQuest, Inc.

    SignalQuest Inc. designs and manufactures shock and acceleration sensors that act like acceleration sensitive switches, which open or close when accelerated past a threshold. The company's acceleration sensors feature response time of less than 100 uS and sensitivities from 15G to 350G. They are used in motion triggered wake-up, GPS tracking, RFID, alarm, automotive, security, anti-theft, tilt detection, and vibration sensing applications.