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DIP switches are manual electric switches packaged in a group of standard dual in-line package (DIP). These switches are used on printed circuit boards.

DIP switches are manual electric switches packaged in a group of standard dual in-line package (DIP). These switches are used on printed circuit boards.

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  • Omron Electronic Components

    Omron Electronic Components manufactures and supplies through-hole and SMT Dip switches in standard of half pitch designs. The switches are available as piano DIP, top actuated or rotary DIP models - with BCD of hexadecimal outputs. Some of the switches feature a low profile of 1.55mm, or a low profile of 5mm with 2.54mm terminal pitch.

  • TE Connectivity

    TE Connectivity designs and manufactures pre-programmed, standard and rotary DIP switches. The pre-programmed switches are available with three actuating methods: lever, extended D shaft, and screwdriver slot. The DIP and rotary DIP switches are available in single, double, and four pole configurations.

  • C&K Components

    C&K Components manufactures standard profile, side actuated, 8mm coded rotary, 10mm coded rotary, low profile rotary, low profile and ultra miniature surface mount DIP switches. The company's standard profile DIP switches feature 1 to 12 positions. DIP switches are used as an address switch for industrial controls, and for logic switching of computers and peripherals, and function controlling.

  • E-Switch

    E-Switch Inc. designs DIP switches including low profile, half-pitch low profile, piano, rotary and slide. The various DIP switches are available with 2 to 12 positions, tape sealing, tube or tape and reel packaging, and through hole, surface mount, or half pitch surface mount designs.

  • NKK Switches

    NKK Switches designs and manufactures subminiature, ultra-thin and ultraminiature DIP switches. The various DIP switches feature 100mA logic level or 25mA logic level, and have process sealed, PCB mount, decimal, hexadecimal, bushing, or through hole design. One series of ultraminiature DIP switches features 4 and 8 positions, along with an extended, piano or flush actuator.

  • CTS Electronic Components Inc.

    CTS Electronic Components designs and manufactures auto-insertable/auto-placeable DIP switches, hand insertion switches, and side actuated switches. The DIP switch types are available in surface mount, thru-hole, and SMT designs - with 2-12, 2-10 and 12, 1-10 and 12, and 2-10 positions.

  • APEM Components Inc

    APEM Components designs and manufactures standard, piano, right angle, surface moun, 1/2 pitch surface mount, piano style DPDT, 7mm DIP-coded rotary switches, sealed DIP-coded rotary switches, and surface mount ROHS-compliant DIP switches. The various switches are available with raised or recessed actuators, and 12 positions; 4 to 12 positions; 4,6,8 and 10 positions; 1 to 6 positions; 10 or 16 positions; and 4 to 16 positions.

  • Grayhill

    Grayhill Inc. designs and manufactures DIP switches available in surface mount, through hole, rotary, standard and half pitch, and multiple actuator designs. Typical switch applications include telecommunications, computer motherboards, remote control frequency setting, and option setting. Featuring life ratings of 2,000 cycles, the switches come in a number of actuation types: side actuation toggle, top actuation slide, top actuated recessed slide, raised or recessed slide, raised slide, and rotary. Some of the switches are available in low profile and small sizes to accommodate DIP applications with limited space.

  • Us-Electronics Inc

    U.S. Electronics Inc. manufactures a number of DIP switch types including: small size 7x7 rotary, 10x10 size sealed rotary, half pitch SMT, auto inserting, end-stackable, slide, edge-actuated, and tri-state. The various switches feature pitch ranges between 6.7mm and 31.8mm, 11.76mm and 30.54mm, 11.7mm and 31.8mm, 3.9mm and 31.8mm, and 7.62mm and 8.5mm.

  • Alps Electric Inc

    Alps Electric Inc. manufactures DIP switches that feature a rating of 0.1A 50VDC and 2 to 10 poles. Available with standard or flat actuator configurations, all the DIP switches have an operating force of 3.5 plus or minus 2.5N.

  • Eeco Switch

    ECCO Switch manufactures four series of rotary DIP switches include surface mount version, low profile/fully-sealed, and double pole types. Two of the company's switches feature a compact design that requires minimal P.C. board space, while one series of switches offers six binary and decimal codes. The double pole DIP switches offer an output arrangement in which all four outputs bits are always connected to one of two independent commons.

  • Jameco Electronics

    Jameco Electronics distributes DIP switches manufactured by Tyco Electronics, AMP Products Corporation, Bourns Inc., C&K Components, CTS, Excel Cell Electronics, Fujitsu Ltd., Grayhill Inc., ITT C&K Switches, NKK Switches, and Omron Electronics. The various switches are available with a number of actuator styles including: cross slot, flush screwdriver, flush slide, piano, raised rocker, raised slide, recessed rocker, recessed slide, shaft, slide, and top slide.

  • Mouser Electronics

    Mouser Electronics distributes DIP switches manufactured by ALPS, Apem, Bourns, C&K Components, CTS, E-Switch, Molex, Mountain Switch, Omron, Tyco Electronics, and NKK Switches. The various switches are available in 1 to 12 positions and 16 positions.

  • Futurlec

    Futurlec stocks and supplies 2 position DIP switches, 4 position DIP switches, 6 position DIP switches, 8 position DIP switches, 10 positions DIP switches, 12 position DIP switches, and rotary DIP switches.