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  • E-Switch

    E-Switch offers rotary and KAJ Series low profile DIP switches in a variety of configurations. RDM Series ultra-slim rotary dip switches feature gold contacts, 10 or 16 position options, IP67 sealing protection, and a 25,000 step life expectancy. These switches have actuation force ratings up to 120 gf, operating temperatures ranging from -60 to 125°C, dielectric strengths up to 250 VAC, and contact resistance ratings up to 80 mΩ.

  • TE Connectivity

    TE Connectivity offers DIP and SIP switches in hundreds of configurations. Model 1-5161390-4 DIP and SIP switches feature slide actuators, through-hole PCB mounts, 14 switches, and a nylon housing construction. These switches are ELV/RoHS compliant, and they can be soldered up to 265°C.

  • Jameco Electronics

    Jameco Electronics offers thru hole DIP switches in nearly 150 configurations. Thru-hole DIP 16 cross slot switches feature a totally sealed design, gold plated contacts, 16 positions, a 94V-0 grade construction, and PC pin lead terminals. These switches can handle operating forces up to 500 gf-cm, switching loads up to 25mA @ 24VDC, operating temperatures up to 70°C, and contact resistance ratings up to 100 mOhm.

  • Mouser Electronics

    Mouser Electronics offers DIP/SIP switches with the following termination styles: wire, through hole, solder pin/pad, SMD/SMT, right angle, PCB, etc. These switches feature terminal pitches ranging from 1.27 to 26.87mm, 1 to 24 position options, and operating temperatures ranging from -55 to 185°C. Actuator options include: wheel, slide, shaft, screwdriver, rotary, rocker, recessed, raised, piano, flush, flat, D-flush, etc.

  • Grayhill

    Grayhill offers through-hole DIP switches in the following configurations: coded output (with shaft), surface mount, machine insertable, linear circuit selector, right angle, sealed base, etc. These switches are available with: life ratings up to 2,000 cycles; piano, rocker, recessed, raised, recessed, side, rotary, or top actuation types; and hexadecimal, BCD, octal, SPST, bussed/isolated, or 4PST circuit types.

  • Omron

    Omron offers SMT and through-hole A6K/KS miniature rotary DIP switches.