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Flow switches, also called vane switches are mechanical switches that can be switched on or off in response to flow of fluid or air.

A flow switch senses the flow or non-flow of various fluids (air, steam and water) passing through its valve body and sends an electrical control signal to a switching unit.Fluid flow switch sensing devices have been developed for monitoring fluid flow in pipelines, ducts, and other conduits. These switches are also used for pump protection, cooling circuit protection, and high and low flow rate alarm monitoring.Flow switch types include: Insertion, inline, sanitary and general purpose.

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  • Harwil

    Harwil's Q-Series fluid flow switches are made from numerous wetted materials, ranging from red brass, 316 stainless steel, Hastelloy C-276, Noryl (PPO), and Fortron (PPS), and accommodate fluids from pure water to strong acids and bases. The flow switches offer electrical ratings from dry cricuit to 15 amp, pressure ratings up to 300 psi at 250 degrees Fahrenheit, and pipe sizes 0.75" and greater.

  • RCM Industries, Inc.

    RCM manufactures Flo-Gard in-line flow switches suitable for measuring oil, water containing contaminates, gases, and steam. UThe flow switches operate on the differential pressure principle and have no bearing or sliding services. They are also available in sizes from 0.25" to 8", and can be constructed from either bronze of 316 stainless steel.

  • Dwyer Instruments, Inc.

    Dwyer Instruments offers a full line of flow switches. Paddle flow switches include the Series FS-2, V4 Flotect vane operated, V6 Flotect mini-size, V7 Flotect vane operated, V8 vane operated, and V10 Flotect mini-size. The shuttle/piston flow switch options are the Series AFS adjustable, G9 globe, GVS globe valve, P1 brass, P2, P3 polypropylene, P4 PPS piston, P5 PVC shuttle, and many others.

  • Thomas Products, Ltd., Flow Switch Div.

    Thomas Products designs and manufactures hundreds of standard flow and level switches. Usually constructed from solid-non-porous brass of stainless steel, these flow switches are designed for use with a large spectrum of clean, contaminated, or corrosive industrial fluids and eliminate leaks into electrical chambers.

  • Innovative Solutions, LLC

    Innovative Solutions offers three models of flow switches. The F001 sub-compact comes in brass or 316 stainless steel, and is rated to 1,000 psig. F002 piston types also come in brass or stainless steel and is rated up to 1,000 psigs, with flow settings between 0.2 GPM and 1.5 GPM. The F003 Series in-line model, available in a bronze body with a Teflon shuttle mechanism, monitors flow rates up to 50 GPM.

  • Gems Sensors & Controls

    Gems Sensors and Controls manufactures a line of flow switches for use with both liquids and gases that feature corrosion-resistant materials, stainless steel, Ryton, and other options for material construction. Special flow switches are also available for viscosity compensation and high pressure environments.

  • Omega Engineering, Inc.

    Omega Engineering offers an array of flow switches for air, water, or oil that are designed to meet specific standards. These switches allow for maximum flow rates between 0.5 and 200 GPM (or 5 to 1,000+ SCFM), maximum pressure settings from 100 to 5,000 psi, accuracy between 2% and 25%, and temperatures up to 599 degrees Fahrenheit. Switch types are available as either mechanical and thermal.

  • Sierra Instruments

    Sierra Instruments manufactures Innova-Switch flow switches for gaseous and liquid flow switching or liquid level control. The sensor and other wetted materials are 316L stainless steel, and feature all welded construction with no moving parts. The company offers a standard flow switch with a response time of 0.5-10 seconds.

  • Intek, Inc.

    Rheotherm flow switches by Intek provide switch protection in all types of liquids or gases, and are capable of monitoring various flow switch applications, from extremely low flow process additives to loss of flow protection in large water or air lines. These flow switches, which have no moving parts, are offered in four models. The general purpose 100CS is the lowest cost industrial option and comes with one SPDT relay; the 100FS, for hazardous locations, has one SPDT relay with an option for a second relay for high and low set points; the Model 400 has an insertion probe with MNPT fitting, and is meant for hazardous settings; and the 500 provides an in-line design with  one N.O. relay rated at 0.5 A at 200 Vdc max and choice of 0.0625" or 0.125" O.D. flow tube connections.

  • Orange Research, Inc.

    Orange Research manufactures fixed set-point flow switches with piston sensors for liquids. The company offers the 3000 Series with set points of 0.1, 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1.0 and 1.5 GPM and wetted parts in either brass or stainless steel. Products operate at a maximum pressure of 1,000 psig with an accuracy of 10% FS, 1% repeatability, 20% maximum dead band, and operating range between -20 and +200 degrees Fahrenheit. Dimensions are 1" x 1" x 2.75".

  • Clark Solutions

    Clark Solutions offers a wide range of piston, shuttle, rotor, and in-line type flow switches. The piston type flow switch comes in brass or plastic constructions, and offers switch points from 0.1 GPM to 3.0 GPM. The company's three shuttle type switches are constructed from either plastic or bronze, and offer switch points between 0.5 and 100 GPM. The CRFS rotor type flow switch comes in 0.25" to 1" pipes, with set points from 0.1 to 60 GPM. The Series 1000 and Series 2000 Flo-Gard in-line flow switches offer one or two field adjustable switch set points from 0.5 GPH to 3,000 GPM, and are adjustable from 15% to 100% of range.

  • Cole-Parmer

    Cole-Parmer provides three main categories of flow switches. The compact low-flow switch is for use with liquids at 0.05 GPM, with a max pressure of 150 psi at 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The normally open SPST switch features a dual-diameter internal bore and piston configuration, and can be used up to 1.0 GPM and 200 psi. The mini low-flow switch is meant for liquids and gases at a max psi of 1500 and 500 cc/min. In addition, the company offers Flowline flow switches for process control, liquid flow switches for threaded plastic piping (0.25 GPM), and adjustable industrial flow switches for liquids and gases.

  • Flow Network

    Flow Network offers a variety of liquid and air flow switches, including the popular calorimetric and paddle switches, but also variable area (incl. viscosity compensating), float, and insertion options. The calorimetric flow switches, which have no moving parts, are for environments where dirt or particulate matter is in the flow media and could foul mechanical flow switch devices; maximum operating temperature is around 80 degrees Celsius, and maximum pressure is around 100 Bar. Paddle flow switches are for fine or clean media, and can withstand pressures up to 3,500 PSI or higher.

  • Fluid Components International

    Fluid Components International (FCI) use thermal dispersion technology to measure liquid or air flow pressure which drive adjustable-setpoint alarms. The FlexSwitch Series is for process temperature changes up to +/-100 degrees Fahrenheit, and includes insertion and in-line options. The company also offers a universal analyzer flow switch and monitor called the FS10A; it has 0.25" NPT and is compatible with 0.25", 0.375", and 0.5" tube tees, and offers reading accuracy of +/-1% for gases or +/-5% for liquids. Rounding out FCI's products are the two-wire loop NuTec 2000 Series (for non-intrusive, high flow, high purity environments), the RF Series for reverse flow, and the BASIC Series for general purpose and premium flow, as well as temperature monitoring.

  • Hydra-Electric

    Hydra-Electric manufactures a wide range of liquid flow switch designs available for coolants, fuel, oil or hydraulic flow applications. Our negative rate disk spring sensing mechanism, coupled with high-efficiency venturi or orifice provide for low pressure loss and accurate flow settings. The Series 45H offers a maximum 250 PSI, actuation of 0.25 to 30 GPM, and deadband of 12% to 40% of actuation set point. All Hydra Electric switches are custom engineered to customer specifications, and can be constructed in brass, aluminum or stainless steel.

  • Magnetrol International

    Magnetrol manufactures flow switches for both liquids and gases. Switches for liquids only are the disc-actuated Model F50, which allows process pressures to 1,150 psig and temperatures to +750 degrees Fahrenheit, and the vane-actuated Model F10, which tolerates 1,000 psig and +450 degrees. Switches for both liquids and gases include the line-powered Thermatel Model TD1/TD2, which is temperature-compensated to provide repeatable alarm under varying process temperatures, and the two-wire IS Thermatel Dispersion Switch, which offers LED visual flow indication, adjustable set points and time delays, and SPDT alarm relay.

  • Allen-Bradley, a Rockwell Automation Brand

    Allen-Bradley manufactures the 839E Solid-State flow switch that is microprocessor-based, designed with no moving parts, and constructed from corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel. The analog output version features a fully-programmable 4...20 mA analog output; the 4-character, 14-segment, invertible digit display allows the sensor to be rotated for ease of wiring and optimal viewing of the LCD display. In either output, the switch measures flow rates of liquid media ranging from 0.1 to 9.84 ft/s.

  • Thermal Instrument Company

    Thermal Instrument Company offers two basic models of flow switches: the Model 62-9 thermal insertion probe and the Model 600-9 in-line meter. The 62-9 measures the flow rates of gases, liquids, or slurries in stacks, irregularly shaped lines, and product ducts. It can be customized with extra length for insertion through a gate valve or packing gland, and/or with sensors made of platinum and embedded in a ceramic matrix for applications over 350 degrees Fahrenheit. The Model 600-9 can handle liquids, slurries, gases, and homogeneous solids , and is built onto a spool that matches the actual flow pipe dimensions and construction material; minimum size is 0.0625" in diameter, but there is no maximum size.

  • Lake Monitors Inc

    Lake Monitors manufactures Weld Shield gas flow switches used to detect insufficient flow conditions for automated or controlled, shielded welding processes. Designs can accommodate 0.25"-0.375" pipe sizes, with a flow measuring accuracy of +/-5%, repeatability of +/-2%, maximum operating temperating of 150 PSIG, and maximum operating temperature of 240 degrees Fahrenheit. Response time is <50 mS.

  • Turck, Inc.

    Turck manufactures several air and liquid flow switches, probes, and meters that come in either plastic or stainless steel, and are either in-line or inserted. The basic insertion probes are available as DC-PNP (sourcing), DC-NPN (sinking), or DC-Relay, and the chemical-resistant probes come in either quick disconnect or potted-in cable. The self-contained in-line switches come in a variety of sizes and are available as DC-PNP (sourcing), DC-Relay, and DC/Current (4-20 mA); the chemcial-resistant types come with either Hastelloy or PTFE/ceramic wetted parts.