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  • Ameritrol, Inc.

    Ameritrol Inc. manufactures six series of gas/air flow switches including a thermal dispersion flow switch that can withstand temperatures to 900F and pressures up to 10,000 psig. The company's SX series sanitary flow switch is used in food, pharmaceutical, biotech, and water treatment applications, while the IX series can detect flow rates down to .01cc per second. A number of the switches feature an explosion proof enclosure.

  • Weber

    Weber Sensors Inc. designs compact air flow switches for DC and AC voltage supplies. Featuring adjustable set-points between 1 m/s and 10 m/s, or 0.5 m/s and 20 m/s, the switches are used for general or critical applications, and can be constructed with special flanges.

  • Degree Controls Inc.

    Degree Controls Inc.'s series 300/305 airflow switches are designed to monitor air velocity in cleanrooms, semiconductor fabrication facilities, and electronic enclosures. Built to replace traditional sail and vane switches, the airflow switches feature supply voltages of 4.5, 5, 5.5, 11 or 25V, and operating temperature ranging from 5C to 60C.