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  • Flow Network

    Flow Network offers a variety of paddle flow switches, including: PSR - OEM paddle flow switches with an integral T-piece, FPS - insertion paddle/bellows flow switches for liquids, and DOR insertion paddle wheel fowmeters. Switches allow pressures up to 3600 PSI, temperatures up to 250°F, fitting sizes ranging from 1/4 NPT to 100", and a brass or stainless steel construction. Additional features include: hot-trap installation capabilities, a high pressure submersible design, micro switching technology, an adjustable switch point, etc.

  • Omega Engineering, Inc.

    Omega Engineering offers Trim-to-Size Paddle Type and Liquid Flow Switches. Switches have operating temperatures ranging from -30 to 300°F, high pressures up to 2000 PSIG, paddle lengths ranging from 1" to 4", and a maximum viscosity of 200 SSU. Additional switch features include: reed play, low cost, a minimum flow restriction, easy installation, bi-directional switch acts, a 1" NPT connection, an aluminum alloy IP65 head, etc.

  • Thomas Products, Ltd., Flow Switch Div.

    The Flow Switch division of Thomas Products, Ltd. offers Item #19650 (brass housing) and Item #19651 (stainless steel housing) adjustable paddle type switches. Switches have operating temperatures ranging from -30 to 450°F, operating pressures up to 850 PSIG, a maximum set point accuracy of ±25%, 18 AWG Polymeric 24" long wires, and 1" NPT mounting sizes.

  • Dwyer Instruments, Inc.

    Dwyer Instruments, Inc. offers FLOTECT vane operated flow switches in six configurations, including: Series V8, V4, V6, V10, V7, and FS-2. Series V4 vane operated flow switches are field adjustable, and provide dependable protection against flow variation or stopping in pipelines for flowing solids, gases, and fluids. Additional features include: a free-swinging vane, a magnetically actuated switching design, automatic operation, seal-less, bellow-less, spring-less, etc.

  • Gems Sensors & Controls

    Gems Sensors & Controls offers paddle type flow switches for a variety of applications, including: valves, pumps, regulators, boilers, chillers, engines, turbines, heat exchangers, and compressors. Switches are engineered for positive liquid flow detection at pressures up to 2000 PSIG, they have a minimum in-line restriction, a patented cam design, etc. Switches are seal-less, bellow-less, and do not require mechanical linkages.

  • Grainger Industrial Supply

    Grainger Industrial Supply offers GEMS SENSORS liquid flow (fixed-setting) paddle switches. Switches have flow rates ranging from 15 to 48 GPM, a maximum pressure of 2000 PSI, temperatures ranging from -30 to 300°F, and a 1" MNPT connection size. Switches are constructed from PTFE, ceramic, stainless steel, and brass materials.

  • ITT McDonnell & Miller

    ITT McDonnell & Miller offers paddle flow switches in a variety of configurations, including: air flow, high sensitivity, general purpose, industrial liquid, etc. Series FS1 high sensitivity liquid flow switches feature a high flow capacity, maximum operating pressures of 100 PSI, maximum temperatures of 225°F, an in-line configuration, and a sealed switch compartment. Switches have the following applications: oil, vicious liquids, fuel oil, water, hydronic systems, heating air conditioning, etc.