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Analog and digital joysticks are manufactured for applications that require multi-axis force/hand control.

Analog and digital joysticks are manufactured for applications that require multi-axis force/hand control.

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  • J. R. Merritt Controls, Inc.

    J. R. Merritt Controls offer multi-axis joysticks for heavy industrial, heavy duty, mill duty and finger operated systems. Heavy industrial, mill duty and heavy duty joysticks are environmentally sealed and have friction brake, custom handles, field replacement contacts, compression spring return centering and are available in push-button, twist and multifunction fighter grips. Finger operated joysticks are designed for remote control systems in mobile/industrial machinery, with glass-filled Zytel housing and non-ferrous sealed construction for use in corrosive and environmentally hostile settings.

  • Machine Components Corp.

    Machine Components feature a range of joystick setups, including standard toggle switches, two axis single pole momentary contact and single axis, single/double pole setups. One and two axis systems have a "pull to unlock" safety setting, as well as three-position switch design. Standard toggles have turret terminals, miniature packaging, snap action and have two to seven position settings.

  • OEM Controls, Inc.

    OEM Controls have single-axis, multi-axis and hall effect controllers. Single-axis controllers have spring return friction hold handle operation, with replaceable microswitches and electronic modules. Multi-axis controllers have cross/single/custom gates, neoprene boot, zinc cast construction and are available in multiple handle styles. Hall effect controllers have programmable 0-10V radiometric output, operating temperatures from -40C to 70C, and full CE ratings for EMC protection.

  • ETI Systems

    ETI Systems has a variety of joysticks including low profile and hand grip "switch sticks", contactless inductive, wide angle resistive and triple axis resistive styles. The low profile and hand grip switch stick joysticks are two axis systems with, tapered knob and a spring return capable of 4- and 8-way directional switching. The contactless inductive joystick has a 36 degree deflection angle, a spring return and single decode inductive circuitry. The wide angle resistive joysticks are single axis with a 40 degree deflection angle, spring return and a 10k ohm precision potentiometer.  The triple axis resistive joystick operates on the X, Y and Z axes, has 30 degrees of deflection, spring return and 10K ohm precision potentiometer.

  • Springer Controls Co.

    Springer Controls feature the CK and PM series of joysticks. The CK series are designed for heavy duty use, and are available in one to five steps in each direction, with UL-cUL contact switches, variable speed potentiometers, spring action return and mechanical interlock handles. The PM series are compact, with 360 degrees of movement, spring return and are available in up to five steps in each direction.

  • Ultra Electronics

    Ultra Electronics features a wide range of joysticks, including force type/finger operated, force type/hand operated, displacement type finger operated, displacement type hand operated and switching type systems. Force type finger operated joysticks are available in linear force ranges of 0-3 or 0-5 lbs., with input up to 12 volts. Force type hand operated joysticks are designed for fixed panel mounting and are specified to 10 lbs. of force maximum, with options up to 50 lbs. Displacement type finger operated joysticks have a compact, plastic construction and potentiometers to translate joystick movement for tracking. All Ultra Electronics joysticks are available in an array of casings.

  • Motion X Corporation

    Motion X has the analog and digital joysticks for manual interfacing with motor driven positioning systems. Motion X analog joysticks have spring-centered potentiometers with no moving parts, and fully customizable switches, integrated drive systems and a sealed enclosure. Motion X digital joysticks have spring centered potentiometers, integrated drive electronics and velocity range switches.

  • CH Products

    CH Products offer both finger operated and hand grip joysticks, in a range of styles and axes. CH finger joysticks are available in non-contact Hall effect sensing, multi-axis setups, side plate, resistive, HFX T-bar faders and USB desktop systems. CH hand grip joysticks are available with non-contact Hall effect sensing, in compact, heavy-duty and friction clutch designs.

  • Sure Grip Controls, Inc.

    Sure Grip Controls have a variety of joysticks including the JL series for single and dual axis spring return, for extreme-duty, high cycle systems.  The JM series is a smaller profile/body version of the JL joystick, available in switched and proportional outputs. In addition to Sure Grip's full size joysticks, there are micro joysticks for exposed half-installations and can give a second set of proportional outputs on a control faceplate, or installed in a main control handle.

  • CTI Electronics Corporation

    CTI Electronics offers both precision and heavy analog joysticks for industrial setups. CTI's miniature industrial joysticks are available in standard single and dual axis models, and the thumb operated spring return joysticks are designed for low temperature (-40C to 80C), and are protected by a neoprene or silicone boot. The heavy-duty joysticks are available in a wide range of sizes and models, from standard layouts to joysticks with knob operations or velocity control.

  • P3 America Inc

    P3 America features a range of joysticks including switch-stick, mini, mid size and full size joysticks. Switch-stick joysticks are available in single, dual and triple axis systems, from four to six switches. Miniature joysticks are available in six models, with single, dual and triple axes, see-saw rocker, in standard and low-profile designs. Mid size finger joysticks are available in a variety of models, like Hall effect, potentiometer and triple axis in many profiles and styles. Full-size potentiometer joysticks are available in single, dual and triple axis systems, in a variety of setups and grips.

  • Cyber-Tech, Inc.

    The Cyber-Tech JS joystick series is available in single- and dual-axis spring return, in a die cast metal frame, designed for mobile machine work. The JS series comes in either ball-knob or control-grip styles, and uses non-contact Hall sensor technology.

  • Euchner-USA, Inc.

    Euchner USA has industrial spring return joysticks for systems requiring operator controls on one or more axis. Euchner joysticks are available in single and multi switch, interlock, pushbutton, mounting plates and bellows designs for indoor and outdoor use.

  • Guardian Electric Manufacturing

    Guardian Electric features Guardian grip joysticks for fixed wing and rotary aircraft. Guardian grips are available in simplified B7 and B8, up through the complex throttle/control CH47 layout. In addition to flight sticks, practical applications include material handling, robotics, aerial lifts and specialized medical machinery.

  • Positioning Technologies

    Positioning Technologies offers fine precision and heavy industrial joysticks/foot controls in single, dual and triple axis configurations, in a variety of profiles and layouts. Joystick styles include contactless finger and full-hand joysticks, and they can custom design joystick designs if the available systems do not fit with your current setup.