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  • Automation Direct

    Automation Direct's line of industrial limit switches includes stainless steel plunger actuator limit switches, metal plunger actuator compact limit switches, and double-insulated limit switches. The various switches feature conduit openings in 1/2" NPT or PG13.5 sizes, along with die cast aluminum or electrically-isolated PBT bodies for heavy-duty industrial or corrosive environments.

  • Schneider Electric

    Schneider Electric's IEC OsiSense XC limit switches and NEMA Square D limit switches are available with metal roller or plastic plunger actuation, and horizontal one-way or vertical actuation. The Square D limit switches feature contact arrangements in 10A and 15A versions, while the IEC limit switches are designed for general and medium duty applications. Switch body types include compact modular 31 mm wide plastic, light duty monolithic 30mm plastic, compact modular 58mm plastic, 31mm metal, 30mm metal, 30mm plastic, 52 mm metal, 64 mm metal, or 40 mm plastic or metal.

  • Omron Electronic Components

    Omron Electronics Components engineers a number of limit switch types including general purpose vertical, general purpose horizontal, high precision, touch, and multi-pole. The general purpose switches can be small sealed, enclosed, miniature, or two circuit. The touch switches provide high contact reliability for microloads, while the high precision switches can detect micron displacements. The multi-pole switches have mechanical durability of 5 million operations and are used in sequence control of machine tools and transfer machines.

  • Euchner-USA, Inc.

    Euchner USA Inc. manufactures safety limit switches, single-hole fixing limit switches, precision single plunger limit switches, precision multiple limit switches, and die cast aluminum limit switches all available with plunger actuation. Used for automated machinery and industrial equipment applications, the switches are available with up to 4 contacts, up to 14 actuator heads, or with 5 different plungers depending on switch type.

  • Honeywell Sensing and Control

    Honeywell Sensing and Control designs and manufactures a line of Micro Switch limit switches available with plunger actuation. Limit switch types include global, heavy-duty, medium-duty, and specialty. Used in the aerospace, military and industrial markets, the switches are available with a choice of heads, actuators, and open characteristics.

  • SUNS International

    SUNS International supplies limit switches with top pin plunger or top roller plunger head styles, and plunger actuation. Limit switch types include micro, miniature enclosed, precision IP67, miniature prewired, compact, global EN50047, global EN50041, and 2-3 conduits.

  • Allen-Bradley, a Rockwell Automation Brand

    Allen-Bradley offers hazardous location limit switches available with plunger actuation. The company's NEMA Type 13 sealed contact limit switches and NEMA Type 7 and 9 switches are used in distillery, refinery, grain elevator and flour mill applications. The 802X NEMA watertight switches are used indoors to protect internal parts against water seepage, splashing, falling water, and hose directed water.

  • Inertia Switch, Inc.

    Inertia Switch Inc. designs sealed limit switches available with plunger actuation. The  basic snap action switches are qualified to MIL-PRF-8805, and built for hard and demanding environments found in aircraft, military, and aerospace applications. Switch models available include five sealing, resilient, and watertight epoxy sealed.