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  • Automation Systems Interconnect

    Automation Systems Interconnect, Inc. offers a variety of snap action limit switches, including: Top Roller/Push Plunger, Top Push/Rod Plunger, Side Push/Lever, Roller Lever/Plunger, and Roller Center/Push Lever. Switches have a maximum operating rate of 3600 cycles/hr, a >10 million cycle mechanical life, and an operating temperature ranging from -25 to +70 C. Switches are certified safe according to EN/IEC 60947-5-1, and have an IP65 degree of protection.

  • Eaton Corp.

    Eaton Corp. offers E49 Compact Metal and E47 Precision snap action limit switches. E49 Compact Metal switches feature snap-action 1N.O./1N.C. contacts, and a die-cast/rigid construction that ensures dustproof, waterproof, and oil-tight sealing. E49 Precision switches feature a high current capacity of up to 20A, precision snap-action operators, compact housings, and custom fitting for unique applications.

  • Precision Mechanisms Corp.

    Precision Mechanisms Corp. offers LS302 miniature snap-action limit switches. Switches have an electrical rating up to 30 VDC, a mechanical range from 0 to 25 revolutions, a maximum starting torque of 0.04 oz-in, and a switching torque of 0.35 oz-in. Switches meet the requirements of Mil-E-5400, and they are constructed from anodized aluminum alloy and corrosion resistant steel.

  • Allen-Bradley, a Rockwell Automation Brand

    Allen-Bradley offers a variety of slow or snap action switches, including: IEC limit switches and Heavy Duty general purpose limit switches. IEC limit switches range in size from 15 to 30 mm, they are available in metal or plastic configurations, and they conform to EN 50047. These switches are ideal for applications requiring sensing at either side of a sliding guard door. General Purpose limit switches have a temperature range from 32 to 104°F, a high snap-through force, and can be used in a wide range of applications.

  • Sensata Technologies, Industrial Sensors Group

    Sensata Technologies, Inc. offers Klixon KX Series Sine snap action limit switches. Switches feature: a snap-acting Klixon sine, they are compactly designed to fit small/narrow spaces, and are hermetically sealed. They have optional embedded leads and screw/lug type terminals. Applications include: radar pod door switches, safety ignition indication for military jet engines, tank gun turret position indication, door interlock systems, aircraft engine ignitions, etc.

  • Omega Engineering, Inc.

    Omega Engineering, Inc. offers E47 Series Precision snap-action limit switches. Switches have an operating speed range from 0.01 m/second to 1 m/second, an operating mechanical frequency up to 120 operations/minute, and a high current capacity of up to 20A. Switches feature an operating temperature range from -13 to 176°F, and a 1000 VAC dielectric strength between non-current carrying parts. Switches are available in an enclosed rugged metal housing or a compact basic form.

  • Schneider Electric

    Schneider Electric offers a wide range of snap action limit switches. Switches are available in sizes ranging from 30 to 64 mm, and are configured in either metal or plastic body types. Available head types include: ZCKD01 metal end plunger, ZCK05 rotary, ZCY41 variable length thermoplastic roller lever, ZCKD02 steel top roller plunger, etc.

  • Top Worx

    Top Worx offers Model 11 GO leverless snap action response limit switches. Switches have an operating temperature range from -40 to 221°F, SPDT contacts rated 10 AMP/120 VAC, and can work in zone 0-2 hazardous areas. Other sensor features include: global approvals, wiring flexibility, long sensing range, a rugged enclosure, a simple design, etc. Model 11 sensors have applications wherever reliable position sensing is needed.

  • Honeywell Sensing and Control

    Honeywell Sensing and Control offers micro limit switches. Product line includes: heavy-duty limit switches, global limit switches, specialty limit switches, and medium-duty limit switches. Selected switches feature: multiple actuator options, various electrical specifications, door interlocks, multiple conduit options, multiple mounting options, a rugged house sealing, etc. Switches can withstand outdoor environments, washdowns, vibration, and shock.

  • SUNS International

    SUNS International offers a variety of limit switches with snap action contact options. Product types include: micro-switch, mini-enclosed, precision IP67, mini-prewired, M12 connector, compact type, global EN50047, etc. Z-15G Series general purpose micro-switches have an operating frequency of 240 ops/min, an operating temperature range from 14~176°F, and an electrical service life of 50,000 ops.

  • Carlo GAVAZZI Automation Components

    Garlo Gavazzi Automation Components offers limit switches in slow or snap action configurations. Garlo switches have a variety of feature options, including: force break contacts, multiple conduit entries, multiple actuating heads, a wide variety of housing sizes in plastic or metal, a size range from 30mm to 60 mm, etc. Garlo switches are used in assembly line, conveyor, and door applications.