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Magnetic switches are operated by an applied magnetic field and can be used for a wide array of applications.

Magnetic switches are operated by an applied magnetic field and can be used for a wide array of applications.

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  • Madison Co.

    Madison Co. manufactures a number of single point liquid level switch that feature magnetic float switch technology. The various types of magnetic liquid level switches include stainless steel full size, miniature and side-mounted, as well as plastic full size, miniature, side-mounted and subminiature types.

  • Yaskawa Electric America

    Yaskawa Electric America Inc. manufactures Bestact vane, separate, and memory magnetic proximity switches available as general purpose, high precision or high temperature types. Completely sealed for adverse environments, the magnetic switches allow for direct control of loads 100VDC or greater, and offer a power range of 1v 1mA to 240 VAC 1a.

  • All Electronics Corporation

    All Electronics Corp. supplies SPDT NO/NC and press fit magnet switches, as well as standard magnetic proximity switches. The standard magnetic proximity switches are used for closed loop alarm systems and feature a cover that hides screw terminals.

  • Canfield Connector

    Canfield Connector manufactures 9M50 magnetic proximity switches that fit a "D" shaped groove detail that's designed into linear actuators. Magnetic switches feature voltage ranges from 5 to 120 VAC/DC in multiple versions, maximum current draw of 200 mA, and temperate range of -10 to 70C. All switch versions are designed to meet NEMA 6/IP67 specifications.

  • Magnasphere

    Magnasphere Corp. designs magnetic switches for industrial and commercial OEM applications. The magnetic switches feature all metal construction and are resistant to magnetic tamper and defeat, and permanent contact welding from power surges. The two-wire switches are used in the security industry for door and window sensors in closed loop alarm systems.

  • Reed Switch Developments Corp.

    Reed Switch Developments Corp. develops package reed sensors, sensor/magnet solutions - in switch housing - and bare reed and magnets for the medical, automotive, marine, agriculture, consumer, environmental, and solar energy industries.

  • MEDER Electronic Co.

    Meder Electronic Inc. manufactures a number of magnetic reed switch types including: standard, miniature, high power, high voltage, SPDT, high frequency, latching, custom, surface mount, and OKI. The standard magnetic reed switches feature glass dimensions ranging from 7mm to 14 mm.

  • Mouser Electronics

    Mouser Electronics distributes magnetic switches manufactured by Tyco Electronics, Omron, Meder Electronic, Coto Technology, C&K Components, and AMSECO. The magnetic switch types supplied by the company include: dry-reed, magnetic contact, magnetic contact flat spacer, magnetic contact terminal cover, and reed.

  • IDEC Corp.

    IDEC manufactures DPRI magnetic switches that feature a sealed reed switch and four magnets within a compact housing. These proximity switches can detect the presence of magnetic objects without contact and require no external power supply.  Featuring a sealed reed contact, the switches can be used in dusty locations and can be mounted in close proximity to each other.

  • Omron, STI Safety - Scientific Technologies, Inc.

    OMRON Scientific Technologies Inc. manufactures compact coded, magnetic safety interlock switches that conform to EN954-1, EN 1088, and EN 60204-1 standards.

  • Allen-Bradley, a Rockwell Automation Brand

    Rockwell Automation manufactures Allen Bradley products including magnetically-actuated safety switches designed to be installed on guard doors, and used in heavy-duty applications and wet environments. Features of the magnetic switches include non-contact actuation, high tolerance to misalignment, high switching current, cable quick disconnect or terminal connection options, and plastic, brass or stainless steel housings.


  • KSR Kuebler Level Control Products of America Inc

    KSR Kuebler designs and engineers magnetic switches for proximity, linear limit detection, logging/counting, or actuation purposes. Featuring a switched output up to 1,000 cycle/second, the switches are available with rectangular or cylindrical section enclosures - with threaded or bolted fixing. The switches also have an expected life of more than 3 billion switching operations.

  • Hasco Components

    Hasco Components produces reed switches and magnets for liquid level sensors, magnetic contacts, proximity reed devices and reed delays. The company's reed switches/magnets can sit idle for years without contact resistance build up The company also distributes rare earth magnets, and sleeved and commercial magnets that can be ordered separately without switches.

  • Cal-Centron

    Cal-Centron distributes magnetic safety interlock switches manufactured by BTI. The switch types include electro-mechanical switches with solid state coding, and non-standalone safety switches.

  • Rockford Systems, Inc.

    Rockford Systems Inc. designs magnetic safety switches and coded magnetic switches. The magnetic safety switches are totally submersible, which makes them useful in environments where hygiene is a concern. Features of the reed-type switches include: rated current of 2 A, rated voltage of 250 VAC< and operating temperature of -10 to 65C.

  • RBE Electronics

    RBE Electronics designs and manufactures heavy-duty, solid state magnetic door switches that allow up to 100 percent misalignment and a 1 1/2 inch gap in the door before triggering. Feature of the switches include: a supply voltage range of 4 to 24 VDC, output current rating of 1 amp Dc, and operating temperature range of -40 to 85C.

  • Euchner-USA, Inc.

    Euchner-USA Inc. designs and develops non-contact safety switches that feature a digitally-coded actuator with an electromagnet built into the housing. Used in areas where a high level of tamper resistance and safety is required, the switches are oil, dust, and water resistant; and feature ambient operating temperature of -25 to 70C. The switches also feature a high level of vibration resistance and tamper resistance.

  • UTC Fire & Security

    UTC Fire & Security provides magnetic switch products including magnetic contacts, magnetic contact accessories, roller/plunger switches, magna pull switches, and panic switches found in commercial, institutional, and fire and life safety appplications.

  • Standex Electronics

    Standex Electronics manufactures magnetic reed switches ranging in size from .2 inches to over 2 inches. The various switches are used in appliance, automotive, HVAC/R, industrial, lighting, medical, military/aerospace, and security applications.

  • Schmersal, Inc.

    Schmersal USA designs and manufactures magnetic reed switches that feature an aluminum enclosure, a non-contact principle, and are 104 mm x 52 mm x 47 mm in size. The company also produces safety-rated limit switches and non-contact safety sensors.