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Membrane switches are used in industrial control applications and consist of an electrical, momentary switch device placed on a flexible substrate.

Popular for use with industrial controls, a membrane switch is an electrical, momentary switch device in which at least one contact is on a flexible substrate, such as a PET or Indium Tin Oxide. Responsible for turning a circuit on and off, a membrane switch typically has six or more layers. The top layer of the switch is the graphic interface between the user and the machine. Membrane switches are used in a number of classic electrical appliances including microwave oven panels, air conditioner control panels, and television remote controls.

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  • Techprint, Inc.

    Techprint, Inc. manufactures membrane switches of a diverse selection of types. Membrane switches incorporate, tactile and non-tactile, metal dome and polydome, polymer thick film, and polymide or FR4 substrates to withstand harsh and rugged environmental applications. Backlighting includes LED, EL and fiber while connector systems include AMP, Nicomatic and FCI. Types of membrane switches include flat switches, tactile switches, medical membrane switches and embossed switches. Additional components to switches include PCB assembly, keypad assembly, metal backer, micro motion and backlighting, rugged options, plastic housing, rigid and flexible substrates and EMI/RFI shielding.

  • Hallmark Nameplate

    Hallmark Nameplate is an ISO9001:2008 registered producer of membrane switches of non-tactile and tactile designs. Membrane switches are constructed of multiple layers of heat-stabilized polyester assembled with permanent acrylic adhesives. The membrane switch construction is internally vented to maintain an environmental seal. ESD shielding, EMI shielding, and RFI shielding are available.  Tactile switches are constructed with metal domes in the circuit layer or polyester formed domes in the top circuit layer or the graphic overlay.  Hallmark Nameplate’s membrane switches can also be provided with embedded surface mount LEDs. These can be mounted behind clear or color tinted windows and dead front effects are possible, allowing the light to be visible only when illuminated. If terminating connectors are needed, they can be made with types of FCI (Berg), Amp, Molex, Nicomatic or with solder tabs.

  • Sensigraphics, Inc.

    Sensigraphics Inc. is a custom manufacture of membrane switches, keypads, graphic overlays, control panels and touch screens. Membrane switch products offered include options such as custom printing, surface textures, custom shapes, embedded LEDs, window lense coating, embossing, backlighting, tactile dome options and embossing among others. Membrane switch products aer commly made for applications such as consumer products, medical equipment, household appliances, industrial control panels, instrumentation and retail equipment.

  • Douglas Corp.

    Douglas Corp. manufactures membrane switches in customized boxes, bezels, frames and switch installation. Electrical components include 0 to 30 VDC, maximum 100 MA current, printed silver conductive inks or carbon blend conductors, RFI and static shielding.  Membrane switches feature water resistance and fiber optic backlighting.

  • GGI International

    GGI International provides membrane switches in designs such as tactile with metal dome, non-tactile, and tactile with polyester dome. Tactile membrane switches with metal dome feature pressed stainless steel material, 8 to 20 mm size range, 1 to 50VCC switching voltage and 1 watt switching capacity. Non-tactile membrane switches with metal dome feature polyester and printed conductive ink material, no tactile feedback, and high lifespan. Tactile membrane switches with polyester dome feature embossed polyester and printed conductive ink material and temperature range from 30°C to +50 °C.

  • Epec Engineered Technologies

    EPEC LLC is a custom manufacturer of electronic identification products membrane switches, overlays, nameplates and decals as well as graphic overlays.Membrane switch products include those designed for applications such as digital printing, prototyping, inspection, screen printing, testing and production assembly. Membrane switch features available include embedded LED's, back lit graphics, poly dome and multiple termination options.

  • Bergquist Co., Thermal Division

    Bergquist Co. supplies HeatSeal membrane switches with a seal resistant to moisture, extreme temperatures, and cleaning chemicals. The HeatSeal is designed to operate in water, dust, dirt and temperature extremes. The graphic layer is made of polyester while the switch circuit layers consist of screened silver circuit, copper PCB and screened silver shield on top of the circuit.

  • Golden Valley Products

    Golden Valley Products designs and produces membrane switches for the medical and OEM manufacturing industries. Metal dome are offered in actuation force between 180 to 700 grams. Other features such as upper and lower circuits, spacers, adhesives, LED's and termination vary in design specifications.

  • LGInternational

    LGInternational manufactures a full range of membrane switches. Product line includes polycarbonate, polyester and soft touch elastomer membrane switches with flat panel, embossing and poly doming for visual and tactile detection. Membrane layers conductors include metal domes and conducive pills while static layer conductors include PCB, polymide and copper.

  • Printec Electronics Co., Inc.

    Printec Electronics Co. supplies membrane switches for applications such as appliances, consumer electronics, industrial equipment, cell phones, medical equipment and disposable control equipment. The membrane switches are non-tactile with tactile metal or mylar dome, embedded SMT LED's, EL backlighting, fiber optics, and overlay using thin molded rubber.

  • Nelson Nameplate

    Nelson Nameplate specializes in membrane switches with screen printing, color matching, die cutting and laminating processes. Polyester or stainless steel domes are used in membrane switch construction in either the graphics layer or top circuit layer.

  • EAO Switch

    EAO Switch Corp. supplies EAO membrane switches for PCB mounting and use in control panels. Series 70 of membrane switches features a short travel switching element 42 VAC and 100mA rating, and non-illuminated or illuminated switching element.

  • Ercon, Inc.

    Ercon, Inc. offers membrane switches for flexible circuits and connectors in electronic materials. Electronic materials include silver inks and epoxies, carbon and graphite inks, gold, platinum and catalyst inks, Insulayer and specialty formulations.

  • Mercury EPM, a Division of Mercury Marine

    Mercury EPM produces membrane switches in their range of electronic products. Capabilities include surface mounts, thru hold PCB population, wave solder, wire cutting, assembly and wire termination. Assemblies include injection molded components, coil windings, and wire harnesses.

  • General Label

    General Label offers membrane switches designed with graphic programs and equipments. Membrane switches can be customized with desired materials and processes.

  • Rockford Silk Screen Process, Inc.

    Rockford Silk Screen Process incorporate membrane switches in their quality screen and digital printing services. Printing products include custom printed decals, nameplates, signs, banners, electronic overlays and printing.

  • Top Bound USA

    Top Bound USA manufactures membrane switches for keypad technologies and keypad designs. They also make elastomeric connectors.

  • Sigma 6 Electronics Inc

    Sigma 6 Electronics is a membrane switch manufacturer of custom keypad switches.  Sigma 6 Electronics is focused on quality parts, fast service and competitive pricing and also offers overlays, rubber keypads and touch screens.

  • Print-Tek

    Print-Tek supplies membrane switches in low prices, great quality and fast service. They additionally provide nameplates, and print plastic.

  • Clicktouch America

    ClickTouch America is a custom manufacturer of tactile keys. Products include membrane switches, capacitive and resistive systems, graphic overlays, and various other electronic interfaces.