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Pushbutton & Toggle switches that are used for medical equipment, telescopes, microscopes, machine tool tables & X-Y positioning equipment applications.

Pushbutton & Toggle switches that are used for medical equipment, telescopes, microscopes, machine tool tables & X-Y positioning equipment applications.

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  • Ideal Industries

    Ideal Industries manufactures momentary contact push-button switches used for household appliances, lamps and motor controls. The switches feature 1/2 inch diameter mounting hole, SPST poles, on-off circuitry, and screw termination. The switches are available with ratings of 15 amp 125 VAC, 10 amp 250 VAC; 3 amp 120 VAC, 1.5 amp 277 VAC; or 6 amp, 125 VAC, 3 amp 250 VAC.

  • Tier1Automation

    Tier1Automation is a the full service provider of industrial momentary push button switches including 22mm LED, 30mm LED, 22mm flush, 30mm flush push button and other push button related items.

  • Autonics USA

    Autonics is an online supplier of 22/25mm momentary push button switches. The S2PR Series is a 110/220 VAC, NO Contact device that comes in five different color push buttons.

  • Switches Plus

    Switches Plus offers momentary contact switches in illuminated and non-illuminated heavy duty pushbutton, locking pushbutton, two and three position knob selectors, mushroom cap pushbutton, and dual button pushbutton.

  • Machine Components Corp.

    MCC offers joystick toggle switches that feature an outside position that can be either momentary, maintained or locked. Products come in single axis, single or double pole, and a "pull to unlock" safety feature.

  • Emerson Control Techniques

    Emerson Industrial Automation offers momentary contact pushbutton switches in single pole, high amperage configurations. Products are suitable for back panel applications.

  • NSi Industries

    NSi Industries offers maintained and momentary contact switches in nearly 20 configurations, including on/off DPST, on-off-on DPDT, on-off 3PST, on-on 4PDT, on-off SPST, on-on DPDT, on-off-on 3PDT, and many others.

  • Control Products, Inc.

    CPI offers momentary contact waterproof switches in military grade MS39058, industrial grade, normally open, normally closed, and SPDT configurations. Products meet IP68 and are UL available.

  • Allied Electronics, Inc.

    Allied offers a variety of momentary contact switches, including foot switch SPDT, non-illuminated pushbutton (22mm), pushbutton 1NO, non-illuminated pushbutton 1NO, and others.

  • Grainger Industrial Supply

    Grainger is an online supplier of momentary contact switches. Types include heavy duty foot switches, miniature push button, plastic operator (many colors), three position selector switches, general purpose foot switches, and many others.

  • Surplus Sales of Nebraska

    Surplus Sales of Nebraska offers illuminated push button switches in maintained or momentary designs. Momentary types are available in aircraft push light switches, push button SPDT 7 amp contacts, push button 1PDT 7 amp contacts, micro push button, and others.

  • Jameco Electronics

    Jameco Electronics offers a variety of momentary contact push button switches, including 1A 250VAC solder lug panel mount, 0.1 amp .187 QC terms DPDT, SPDT, illuminated SPDT, 0.25A 30VA solder panel mount, and others.