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These are switches that are manufactured and sold in bulk, to the Original Equipment Manufacturer, often at a low cost.

These are switches that are manufactured and sold in bulk, to the Original Equipment Manufacturer, often at a low cost.

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  • Compac Engineering Inc

    Compact Engineering Inc. designs OEM flow switches, OEM level switches, and OEM temperature switches. The flow switches are used for water, air, and electronics applications, and are available as angle body, wire receptacle, low flow, straight body, and indicator types. The temperature switches can serve as low temperature switches or high temperature switches in six narrow differential, preset set points.


  • United Electric Controls

    United Electric Controls Inc. produces a line of OEM switches including compact cylindrical pressure switches, pressure and differential pressure switches, pressure and temperature switches, and temperature switches. The various switches feature NEMA 1 or 4 enclosures or open frame construction, and adjustable ranges of 4 to 7500 psi, 30" Hg VAC to 90 psi, 30" Hg VAC to 6000 psi, -130 to 650F, or 30" Hg VAC to 300 psi.

  • Gems Sensors & Controls

    Gems Sensors & Controls distributes OEM pressure switches for hydraulic applications including forklifts, scissor lifts, and off road equipment. The switches are available with pressures from 15 to 3000 psi.

  • Ideal Industries

    Ideal Industries' line of OEM switches includes rocker switches and toggle switches. Rocker switch types include full size and appliance, while toggle switch types available include standard, heavy-duty, medium and light-duty, extra heavy-duty AC/DC, and double insulated plastic.

  • Omega Engineering, Inc.

    Omega Engineering designs OEM pressure switches available with vacuum of 1.5 psi to 500 psi. The switches are UL rated heavy-duty 15 amp SPDT switches that feature process temperature of -35 to 85C, proof pressure of 600 psig, and a 1/4 NPT male pressure port.

  • Linemaster Switch Corp.

    OEM foot switches manufactured by Linemaster Switch Corp. are available with NEMA, UL, and CSA enclosure types. The company also offers standard foot switches that meet IEC 529, Type IP68 or IEC 60601-2-2 Section 44 requirements for protection against access to foreign objects and water to electrical switching elements and connections.

  • Fluid Components International

    Fluid Components International manufactures OEM flow switches and OEM level switches. The flow switches feature stainless steel construction and an industrial design with no moving parts and negligible pressure drop. They are used in liquids, gases and slurries; and suited for low flow pump protection, monitoring lube oil, detecting seal leakage, verifying analyzer flow, and monitoring cooling water. The level switches are used to provide point detection in liquid/gas, liquid/liquid, liquid/foam, and foam/gas interface applications.

  • Flow Network

    Flow Network is a supplier of OEM paddle flow switches with an integral T-piece. Switch specifications include: maximum pressure of 1450 or 3600 psi, switching range of 0.9-1.3 GPM, maximum temperature of 230F, and fittings of 1/4-1-1/2 NPT.

  • SOR, Inc.

    Vertically-mounted, vane-operated flow switches distributed by SOR Inc. are for plant and OEM applications. Featuring top mount design, the switches offer pressure from vacuum up to 1500 psi and temperature from -40F to 400F. The switches are available with CSA, GOST, ATEX, and ASTM material certifications.

  • Dwyer Instruments, Inc.

    Dwyer Instruments Inc. distributes Mercoid-brand low cost OEM pressure switches for industrial applications. Featuring an open case style, the switches are suited for panel mounting applications such as pump skids. The switches also feature a weatherproof enclosure and wetted materials of 316 stainless steel and fluorocarbon.

  • Magnetrol International

    Magnetrol International's OEM ultrasonic level switches are designed for the petroleum refining and pulp and paper mill industries. The integrally-mounted switches measure levels within 0.25" from the end of the tip-sensitive transducer, and offer either a 10-amp DPDT gold flash relay or a 5-amp DPDT hermetically sealed relay.

  • Innovative Solutions, LLC

    Designed for OEM applications, Innovative Solutions LLC's sub-compact switches can withstand pressures up to 150 psig, and are available with 1/8" NPT or 3/8-16 thread mounting options. UL- approved, the solid polypropylene type switches can handle a range of liquids.

  • Standex Electronics

    Standex Electronics' magnetic OEM reed switches are available as traditional, surface mount and overmolded versions. Designed for use within proximity sensors, fluid level sensors, reed relays, medical devices, consumer appliances, and commercial and industrial equipment, the switches are capable of switching microvolt levels to 1,000 VDC.

  • ABB

    ABB designs and manufactures medium voltage and low voltage OEM switches. The medium voltage are for indoor or outdoor use and available with up to 72.5 kV. Low voltage switch types available include change over, cam, and pressure.