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Optical switches route an optical signal from one or multiple input ports to one or more output ports.

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  • Gems Sensors & Controls

    Gems Sensors offers a line of plastic and alloy electro-optic level switches, as well as Opto-Pak controllers. Plastic electro-optical switches are available in five different single-point level configurations, while the alloy design is offered in two styles. Their Opto-Pak operates with any 12V DC input electro-optical series switch.

  • ThorLabs

    Thorlabs offers optical switch kits, MEMS fiber-optic switches, PRO8 modular and high-speed optical shutter/switches. Kits include solid state and MEMS switches for wavelengths from 480-1625 nm. MEMS fiber-optic designs featuring 1 x 2 single mode operation. Modular types offer response times of 0.5 ms typical (1 ms maximum).

  • SICK, Inc.

    SICK offers their MHF15 optical level switches for fluids. Applications include level monitoring in water-based liquids, dry running protection for pumps, and level control in cleaning system flushing units. Features include process temperature up to 55 C and process pressure up to 16 bar.

  • Laser Componenets

    Laser Components offers optical switches for multi-mode and single-mode fibers used in telecommunications and network technology. These fiber optical switches are also used in optical measurement systems. Configurations available include SM and MM versions, as well as 1x2 to 1xN.