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  • Dwyer Instruments, Inc.

    Dwyer Instruments Inc. distributes diaphragm pressure switches manufactured by Mercoid. The switches are available with adjustable ranges of 1-30" Hg Vac, 1-100" WC, 1-10 psig, 1-30 psig, or 10-150 psig. The switches also feature deadband of 5 psig, 1 psig, 0.4 psig, 7" WC, or 1.5" Hg.

  • Barksdale, Inc.

    Diaphragm pressure switches manufactured by Barksdale Inc. are for low pressure applications that require instrument accuracy of less than 25 cycles per minute. Available as single, dual, and triple setting units for vacuum or pressure up to 150 psi, the switches can by stripped, housed, or explosion-proof types.

  • Suco Technologies Inc

    Suco Technologies Inc. produces snap action, stainless steel, and explosion-protected diaphragm pressure switches that feature overpressure safety of up to 8,700 psi. The snap action and stainless steel diaphragm switches feature pressure ranges of 4.35 to 5,800 psi or 1.45 to 2,900 psi, while the explosion protected switches comply with ATEX standards, and are resistant to gas or dust.