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  • United Electric Controls

    United Electric Controls Inc. designs and manufactures explosion-proof digital pressure switches with gage pressures up to 6000 psi, differential pressure up to 200 psid, and RTD temperature from -300F to 1000F. The company's pressure switches are designed to provide protection for plants, capital equipment and people.

  • Flow Network

    With a switching range of 0-30" Hg vacuum to 0-5800 psig, Flow Network's digital pressure switches feature accuracy of plus or minus 5 percent and maximum temperature of 176F. Programming options include setpoint, reset point, window mode, pulsation dampening, switch logic, zero adjustment, and user settable lockout code.

  • SMC Corporation of America

    Digital pressure and vacuum switches manufactured by SMC Corporation of America are used in a number of industries including automotive, electronic/semiconductor, food and beverage, material handling, forestry, mining, medical/pharmaceutical, packaging, petroleum, chemical, steel, and textile.The company's ISE 70/75 switch model is designed specifically to meet automotive requirements, while the other switch models are IP 40 or IP 65 rated. All the switches can be operated in normal, hysteresis or window comparator modes.