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  • Dwyer Instruments, Inc.

    Mercoid-brand gas pressure/differential pressure switches distributed by Dwyer Instruments Inc. feature ranges of 1-30" or 0.5-5 psid. Available with a SPDT mercury switches or SPDT snap switch, the gas pressure switches also feature maximum deadband of 1.9" Wc, 0.4 psid, 1.3" Wc, 0.3 psid, 4" Wc, or .5 psid.

  • AJ Antunes & Co.

    A.J. Antunes & Co. manufactures a number of gas pressure switch models available in manual or automatic reset operation. The switches are used to monitor gas pressure and break the electrical control when pressures rises above or drops below a desired set point. Depending on model the switches feature a range from 1.2 mbar to 110 mbar.

  • Combustion 911

    Combustion 911 is a supplier of gas pressure switches manufactured by Elster Kromschroder GMbH for the U.S. market. The diaphragm pressure switches are available with five pressure ranges from 0.2" to 200" WC (0.5 mbar to 500 mbar), and used for monitoring gas pressures on industrial installations. Within each switch is one normally open and one normally closed contact. Automatic and manual reset models are available.