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  • Nason

    Nason is a designer and manufacturer of a wide array of switches for high and low pressure applications. Nason's line of low pressure switches includes models with a pressure range of 2 to 7500 PSI.

  • Value Engineered Products

    Value Engineered Products is a manufacturer of a variety of low pressure switches including the 670 series low pressure switches with a body that is 1 1/8 in. square and are manufactured from aluminum and stainless steel materials. The stainless steel units are approved for the 15 minute FAA flame test requirement.

  • Wasco, Inc.

    Wasco Inc is a manufacturer of pressure switches and vacuum switches for a wide array of applications. Models include standard and high purity low pressure switches.

  • Switching Solutions, Inc.

    Switching Solutions engineers and manufactures a wide range of low pressure switches, as well as temperature switches and vacuum switches for applications in various industries including hydraulic, pneumatic, automotive, mobile, mining, HVAC, food and beverage and more.

  • MAMCO Precision Switches

    Namco's LF20 extended duty low pressure switches feature a line of pressure switches that have been designed to fit a variety of applications as well as various terminations, including a Metric-Pack connector that forms a tight seal when connected.

  • Gems Sensors & Controls

    Gems Sensors & Controls is a manufacturer of a wide array of general purpose pressure switches including low pressure switches with adjustable configuration and 1,000,000 cycle life span.

  • Airtrol Components, Inc.

    Airtrol Components is a manufacturer of miniature pneumatic components including a full line of pressure switches. Models include a variety of low pressure adjustable and factory pre-set switches, as well as board mount and deadband switches.

  • Omega Engineering, Inc. offers the PSQ-681 low pressure compound range pressure switch featuring silver switch contacts rated for 5 amps @ 250 Vac. These valves have an operating temp range of -67 to 194°F and come with a 3 year/1 million cycle warranty.

  • SOR, Inc.

    SOR Process Instrumentation manufactures a wide selection of pressure switches for a variety of industries. These products include weather proof pressure switches, explosion proof pressure switches, adjustable dead band weather proof switches and a variety of electron low pressure switches in many sizes.

  • The Henry G. Dietz Co., Inc.

    The Henry G. Dietz Co designs and builds heavy duty low pressure switches, vacuum switches, and differential switches for construction, earth moving, marine, rail transportation, clean rooms, military, chemical and sewage plants, and many other demanding applications. Dietz's low pressure switches include the 170D ultra low differential pressure switch and the 161P low air pressure switch.

  • Tecmark

    Tecmark Corp.'s 3000 series pressure switches convert a pressure signal to an electrical output. In response to a change in pressure, movement of an elastomeric diaphragm opens or closes an electrical circuit based on a predetermined pressure set point. The Series 3000 features cost effective, snap-acting electrical switches and field adjustable set points with a visual scale for easy set point selection. Pressure ranges as low as 2" Water Column (W.C.)* up to 100 PSI are available. Typical applications include gas heaters, pumps, small air compressors and residential boilers.

  • Sigma-Netics, Inc.

    Sigma-Netics Inc is a manufacturer of low pressure diaphragm switches in various sizes and configurations. Models include both factory set and adjustable low pressure switches.Sigma-Netics Inc also offers high electrical capacity vacuum and low pressure switches for a variety of applications.

  • Danfoss

    Danfoss offers LTB/ETVB pressure switches for low pressure applications. These models are low pressure high precision SPDT pressure switches with a bellows element and a capillary tube of 1 m.Versions for solder connection or 1/4 in flare nut connection.

  • P.C. McKenzie Company

    PC McKenzie Company offers the Axelson ESP pressure switch designed to detect an abnormal operating condition in a safety system and transmitting a signal to perform a specific shutdown function. The Axelson ESP Pressure Sensor is a 3-way block and bleed valve that is controlled by a piston and spring.

  • Neo-Dyn

    ITT offers a full line of pressure switches including low pressure switches and pneumatic switches. These models are suited for weather proof and explosion proof applications and come in a wide selection of sizes and NEMA ratings.

  • Pressure Switches, Inc.

    Pressure switches from PSI come in several series including the series 1 differential pressure switch for high pressure and low pressure requirements. PSI also has models for non-hazardous locations with unique bleed port for low level testing and fully anodized aluminum body for maximum corrosion resistance.

  • Bec Controls Corp.

    BEC Controls Corp manufactures a variety of low pressure switches for applications in the commercial, industrial, military, municipal and agriculture fields including the R70 series low pressure switch with up to 15 amp and 480 VAC ratings and an operating temperature range of -65F to 165F.

  • Thorco Holdings, LLC

    Thorco offers pressure and temperature switches from ITT Neo-Dyn. These switches serve the industrial, chemical processing, and energy markets.  Their unique Belleville spring design has no moving parts except during actuation.  This design offers set point stability, extensive cycle life, vibration resistance, and high over-pressure capability.

  • Honeywell Sensing and Control

    Honeywell Sensing & Control offers low pressure switches, vacuum switches and high pressure switches including the 5000 series ultra duty low pressure switch. This model comes in a wide array of sizes for various low pressure applications.

  • Sensocon, Inc.

    Senscon's Series 104 Differential Pressure Switch is an easy to maintain switch for very low pressure applications. The switch can monitor positive, negative, or differential pressure and with an easy to adjust set point knob makes field set up and adjustment hassle free. The differential pressure switch includes a SPDT relay rated for 2A at 250V and can be set as low as 0.08” w.c. (20 Pa).