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  • Huba Controls Inc

    Huba Control's line of relative and differential mechanical pressure switches are used for several mediums including air, neutral gas, fluids, and gases. Depending on type, the switches feature various pressure ranges including: 0.2 to 50 mbar, 20 to 400 Pa, -320 to -1 mbar/1 to 500 mbar, 2 to 220 mbar, 6 to 5500 mbar, or -900 to -4 mbar/2 to 6000 mbar.

  • Barksdale, Inc.

    A manufacturer of controls for industrial applications, Barksdale Inc. produces a number of mechanical pressure switches including diaphragm switches, differential switches, and compact switches - along with dia-seal piston, sealed piston, and bourdon types. Many of the switches are available as explosion proof, with some switches feature a range up to 7,500 psi.

  • Lesman

    Lesman distributes NEMA 4X mechanical pressure switches manufactured by United Electric. Suited for a range of industrial processes including alarm, shutdown, and low/high service pressures, the switches feature adjustable ranges of 30" HgVAC to 6000 psi. The switches are also used with OEM machinery and provide threshold protection for various equipment.

  • Mitech Controls

    Mitech Controls is a supplier of Reotemp Instruments-brand mechanical pressure switches, which are suited for process applications where electrical devices must be turned on/off. The piston-actuated switches feature a high cycle rate tolerance and field adjustable set points.