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  • Gems Sensors & Controls

    Gem Sensors & Controls designs and manufactures two vacuum pressure switch models: one that is factory fixed with adjustable setpoints and one small size model for demanding applications. The switches feature maximum pressure setting ranges of 1.5" to 15 Hg, or 5" to 28 Hg.

  • MAMCO Precision Switches

    The four vacuum pressure switch models produced by MAMCO Precision Switches are designed to handle extended duty or OEM applications. The switches are available as small lightweight, PCB mount, or mount miniature units. The company's miniature vacuum pressure switches can monitor pressures as low as .75 inches of water and feature PCB terminals. Miniature switch specifications include burst pressure of 25 psi and an operating temperature range of -40 to -120C.

  • Spectrum Associates, Inc.

    Vacuum pressure switches manufactured by Spectrum Associates Inc. are capable of meeting MIL-Spec environments including shock, vibration and temperature cycling. Switch specifications include: vacuum pressure setting range of 2 to 30" Hg, proof pressure up to 250 psig, burst pressure of 1000 psia, setting accuracy of plus or minus 1 percent of range, and operating temperature of -25F to 250F.