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  • Pepperl + Fuchs, Inc.

    Pepperl + Fuchs offers inductive switches/sensors & accessories in cylindrical, rectangular, slot, or ring type assemblies. Specifications rage from 2-4 wire connections, varying voltage types, flush or non-flush mounting, and various detection ranges & output types. Housings are available in plastic, brass (including nickel-plated), and stainless or high grade steel.

  • ISE Controls

    ISE supplies inductive proximity switches manufactured by Balluff, Baumer, Contrinex, IDEC, SICK, Softnoze, and Sunx. Their Contrinex brand switches are available in PNP or NPN wiring configurations, flush or raised installation, and varying target profiles that will see all metals types at the same extended range.

  • Globetron Controls Inc

    Globetron offers various inductive proximity switches that are available in either round (6.5 smooth, 8 to 30mm diameter threaded), square (12 to 40mm with a 12 to 30mm face), or ring sensing.

  • SUNS International

    SUNS manufactures square and cylindrical type inductive proximity sensors. Their square sensors are available in 2 or 3 wire with three face sizes of 17, 25, & 40mm sq., handling 10-30V DC supply, 500-1000Hz switching frequency, IP67 plastic housing, and an LED indicator. Their cylindrical carries many of the same specifications, though offering up to a 2500Hz switching frequency, housed in threaded nickel plated brass cylinders, and available in 8-30mm by 1 inch sizes.

  • Euchner-USA, Inc.

    Euchner offers their line of inductive cylindrical proximity switches for use in grinders, food processing, injection molding, machine tool, material handling, pharmaceutical, robotic, storage retrieval, and woodworking industries. Size ranges are 8, 12, 18, & 30mm, offering short circuit & polarity protection, various cable & connector options, wide temperature range, and indicator LED's.

  • Balluff, Inc.

    Balluff offers inductive proximity switches used primarily in detecting metallic targets at short non-contacting ranges. Their sensors function in normally open, normally closed, & antivalent switching, with PNP, NPN, or 2-wire (AC or DC) outputs, and ranges at up to 45mm. Product trade names available are: Bunkerprox, Desina, Factor 1, GlobalProx, Proxinox®, Steelface, Strokemaster, High-End, TripleProx, and SlagMaster.

  • NTE Electronics, Inc.

    NTE is a supplier of cylindrical inductive proximity switches and accessories. These switches have maximum operating voltages of 30V DC or 250V AC, all of which operate in PNP/NPN normally open (N.O.) with some models additionally having normally closed (N.C.) wiring options as well.