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  • Aleph America

    Aleph America manufactures magnet actuation proximity sensors for multiple applications and purposes. Some of which include: multiple reed switches, door/window detection, PCB through and surface mount, threaded, lamp loads, waterproof, and various sizes & grades. Their switches are available in normally open, normally closed, transfer contact, and latching contact operating states.

  • Yaskawa Electric America

    Yaskawa manufactures magnetic proximity sensors in vane, separate, memory, and column operation types, all of which are available in varying specifications. Their vane types include: standard (PSMO), high-precision (PSMO-15G), and high-temp (PSMO-TH); separate (PSMS) & memory (PSMM) types are available in standard, and high-temp (H, T); column type (PSMS-RV) comes in varying operating temperature ranges.

  • Sensoronix, Inc.

    Sensronix manufactures a digital magnetic proximity sensor for use in automation systems, automotive, exercise equipment, power generators, food processing, and printer industry. Available with sinking "NPN" or sourcing "PNP" output, their switch has a 4.5 to 36VDC supply operating range with a varying output range that is slightly lower than the input voltage supplied.

  • KSR Kuebler Level Control Products of America Inc

    KSR Kuebler produces magnetic proximity switches that are designed for general purpose, linear limit detection, logging/counting, and actuation. Their switch contacts are glass tube sealed and provide immediate disconnection for up to 1,000 cycles per second detection speed with an expected 3 billion switch operation lifespan. Housings are available in aluminum, brass, glass reinforced polyamide, polyethylene, and stainless steel, all of which are available in a variety of configurations.

  • CHERRY/ZF Electronics Corporation

    Cherry manufactures solid state & zero power consumption magnetic proximity sensors & digital vane switches. Housings vary from cylindrical (threaded, non-threaded, clip in) or flat-surface mount (mini, standard, low profile), and can be paired with their standard designed counterparts or varying degree-strength actuator magnets.

  • Fargo Controls, Inc.

    Fargo Controls manufactures magnetic proximity switches that come in two basic design variations with interchangeable NO and NC wiring schemes, and an IP 67 protection degree. Their threaded cylindrical reed sensors come in 8, 10, & 12mm diameter housings, with an additional 6mm un-threaded; all of which are 40mm in length, nickel plated brass, and have varying distance tolerances determined by choice of magnetic strength. Their rectangular sensors come in plastic or anodized aluminum housings, are flat surface mounted, and have a 10mm operating distance.

  • Canfield Connector

    Canfield offers multiple magnetic proximity switches and sensors to include: reed, electronic, weld field immune, general or hazardous location, and cylindrical types. Their 9M50 model fits a "D" shaped grove in linear actuators. comes in PNP or NPN variations, encapsulated in robust epoxy meeting IP67 & NEMA 6 requirements, has a 5-120V (AC/DC) range with a 200mA max current draw, and either a 9ft PVC or 8mm quick-connect male pigtale.

  • Automation Direct

    Automation Direct offers a 12mm & 18mm 316L stainless steel magnetic proximity switch/sensor designed for use in harsh duty, and food & beverage applications (IP69K). These sensor variations are equipped with a gold-plated pin M12 quick-disconnect plug, and overload protection.

  • SICK, Inc.

    SICK offers magnetic proximity sensors available in cylindrical (MM) and square (MQ) configurations as well as a MM Namur for use in harsh or explosive environments. These sensors have a maximum 120mm proximity range (70mm MM Namur), and allow for through wall detection.