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Relays are electrically operated switches utilizing electromagnets to operated a mechanical switch.

Relays are electrically operated switches utilizing electromagnets to operated a mechanical switch.

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  • Allen-Bradley, a Rockwell Automation Brand

    Allen-Bradley offers: safety, NEMA industrial, IEC industrial, general purpose, and general purpose timing relays. MSR117T single-function safety relays have a single-channel input for use with gate interlocks, and emergency-stop buttons for lower risk applications. NEMA industrial 700-N relays are a low profile, high reliability switching solution that feature a manual override capability, coils ranging from 24 to 250V, and up to 8 poles. 700-M miniature control relays are only 45 mm x 47 mm, and yet perform similarly to much larger industrial relays. 700-HC miniature "Ice Cube" general purpose relays are 4-pole plug-ins for low-energy switching applications. 700-HNC miniature timing general purpose relays are some of the smallest timing relays available, requiring only 26 mm on a DIN rail (with a socket). They have four operating models: on-delay, one shot, repeat cycle off-start, and repeat cycle on-start. Other products offered by Allen-Bradley includes: 700-PS solid-state adjustable, 849 pneumatic, 700S-CF safety control, 700-RTC solid-state fixed, etc.


  • Thermal Devices

    Thermal Devices offers: Solid State, Power, Ice Cube, and DIN Rail Solid State relays. Solid State relays allow faster cycle times for temperature controlled applications. They feature an LED status indicator, they are optically isolated to 4000V, and can block voltages of 800V/1200V. Power relays are open style, they have a coil range from 24 to 240 VAC, and have 30 Amp rated contacts. Ice Cube relays range from single to four poles, they range from 24 to 240 VAC coils, and rate up to 15 Amps. Din-Rail solid state relays have AC/DC controls, and range from 0.10 to 40 Amps.

  • TE Connectivity

    TE Connectivity offers: mid-range PC board, low signal high performance, high voltage, communication signal PC board, and automotive relays/modules. Mid-range PC board relays are flux-tight, splash resistant, and have a current range from 3-20. Low signal high performance relays have enclosures ranging from TO-5/0.100 to full size, and a pole range from 1-6. High voltage relays come in encapsulated, glass, and ceramic types with a variety of termination options. Communication signal PC board relays have a relatively low release/operating time, and are designed to switch signal-level loads in: industrial equipment, communications systems, instrumentation, thermostats, etc. Automotive relays/modules come in five broad configurations: high current, PCB, plug-in, and application specific switching solutions. TE offers a variety of other products, including: time delay relays, power relays, latching relays, high performance sensors, definite purpose contactors, aerospace contactors, etc.

  • Schneider Electric

    Schneider Electric offers: time delay, solid state, printed circuit board, power, plug-in & power, and latching & sequencing relays. Relay contact ratings range from 8A-10A, input voltage ranges from 3-32 VDC to 9-280 VAC, and output voltage ranges from 3-150 VDC to 48-600 VAC.

  • Omron Electronic Components

    Omron Electronic Components offers: solid state, power control, and general purpose relays. G3PE (three-phase) are solid state, compact relays that work in heating applications. Features include: screw/DIN track mounting types, built-in heat sinks, a 3-phase output, slim design, surge pass protection, etc. G32A-EA power control relays feature a built-in isolation transformer, a streamlined design, and three types of input methods: DC signals 4-20 mA, internal adjuster, and external adjuster. G7Z general purpose relays use 4-pole parallel connections to apply up to 160 A, or they can continuously apply 40 A at 440 VAC. Other features include: a compact size, a safety function with mirror contacts, low power consumption and noise, etc.

  • Grainger Industrial Supply

    Grainger Industrial Supply offers a variety of relays, including: voltage sensor, safety monitoring, general purpose, and alternating. Voltage sensor relays have 10 and 15 resistive contact amp ratings, and a pick-up range from 80-150 VAC to 208-480 VAC. Safety monitoring relays have input power ratings ranging from 24 VAC/DC to 100-240 VAC, and power consumption ratings from >2.5 W to >7.5 VA. General purpose relays have pins from 4 to 11, and resistive contact Amp ratings up to 100. Alternating relays have maximum volt inputs up to 300, and Amp ratings from 10 to 12. Grainger also offers: current sensor relays, relay sockets, solid state relays, time delay relays, etc.

  • ABB

    ABB offers a variety of relays, including: reclosing, frequency protection, distance protection, auxiliary, and annunciator. RC automatic reclosing relays are used for applications involving the automatic reclosure of DC/AC circuit breakers (operated electrically) after they have been opened by an overcurrent. KF frequency protection underfrequency relays provide rapid sensing of a system overload so that the excessive load can be shed. KD distance protection relays are polyphase compensators that offer a single zone of phase protection for all three phases (three-phase, phase-to-ground, and phase-to-phase). AR high speed auxiliary relays feature four poles, a two millisecond operating time, and a non-adjustable pickup. JM annunciator/current indicators are available in four configurations, one of which is "voltage-operated" and equipped with a low rated DC current coil. Other products offered by ABB include: bus differential products, transformer protection, timing products, voltage protection, synchro verifiers, pilot wires, etc.

  • Teledyne

    Teledyne offers: space relays, power solid-state relays & motor controllers, Mil-Aero solid state relays, and electromechanical relays. Space relays are used for a variety of applications, including: transcontinental telecommunication, NASA's robotic Mars exploration, global positioning systems, broadband services, etc. Series EMCRT three-phase motor controllers have a maximum voltage of 1600 Vpk, a zero cross switch type, and can get up to 7.5 KW. LPBD100 Mil-Aero solid state relays have a 100 Vdc dual SSR output, optical isolation, and come in a SIP compact package. Electromechanical relays provide applications for: avionics, hydraulics, text systems, power distribution, ground vehicles, etc. They span the DC to 10 GHz spectrum, and can switch currents up to 2A.

  • Ross Engineering Corp.

    Ross Engineering Corp. offers a variety of relays, including: lightning transient generators, high voltage, high voltage reed, high voltage grounding, and airport lighting HV control. Lighting transient relays are used to develop pulse forming networks, and have a 14 pulse per 1.5 second. High voltage relays have ratings ranging from 1mA-800 amps to a capacitor charge of 100,000 amps. High voltage relays have a maximum air pressure rating of 125 psi. High voltage reed relays have a PK test range from 5,000V to 15,000V, and come in single, DT, NC, NO, and multi-pole configurations. High voltage grounding relays have peak test ratings up to 300kV and 100 amps continuous. Airport lighting HV control relays do not require a vacuum, they are air insulated, and can handle up to 2400V 50/60Hz.

  • Yaskawa Electric America

    Yaskawa Electronic America offers multipole and input/output PCB relays. Multipole relay configurations include: I/O helper medium/large capacity, plug-in medium/large, stationary type, and plug-in type RB3P-GU. Multipole relays have 3-5 poles, a direct DC control range from 1V 1mA to 230 VAC, and up to 1,000,000 operations at 50 W. Input/output PCB relay configurations include: RI Series medium/large, RI series auxiliary, RIW Series IO, and RIU Series I/O. Input/output PCB relays have minimum operational power ratings ranging from 1V 1mA up to 24V imA. RIU Series I/O relays units feature 4, 8, 10, and 16 contacts per unit.

  • Macromatic Industrial Controls, Inc.

    Macromatic Industrial Controls offers: voltage monitor, pump seal failure, intrinsically-safe, alternating, and 3 phase monitor relays. Plug-in voltage monitor relays come in two configurations: overvoltage/undervoltage and voltage band. Voltage monitor relays have nominal voltages ranging from 12 DC to 240 VAC, and a time delay on drop-out of 0.1-10 seconds. Pump seal failure relays feature single or dual channels, 8 & 11 pin octal sockets, and an optional fixed sensitivity setting. Intrinsically-safe relays feature an isolated 10A SPNO output contact, and a 24 or 120V AC input voltage. Alternating relays come in duplex and triplex configurations. Duplex has three output versions available: SPDT, DPDT, and DPDT cross-wired. 3 phase monitor relays range in nominal voltage from 120V to 480V, and the maximum overvoltage rating is fixed at 110% (of nominal). Other products offered by Macromatic Industrial include: current sensing relays, custom engineered products, time delay, etc.

  • March Electronics, Inc.

    March Electronics, Inc. offers Magnecraft relays in plug-in & power, solid state, time delay & sensor, power, latching & sequencing, and printed circuit board configurations. Plug-in & power relays come in low level and standard types, and have a contact rating range from 1 to 20 A. Solid state relays come in DIN, panel, PCB, and socket mount types. Output voltage ranges from 30-50 to 48-660. Time delay & sensor relays have a rated current load range from 3 to 15 and three contact configurations: 4PDT, DPDT, and SPDT. Power relays feature open style, flange cover, and DIN cover styles. Latching & sequencing relays have a maximum coil voltage rating of 120 VAC/VDC, and a variety of control types, including: dual coil, sequencing, and single coil. Printed circuit board relays offer an optional clamping diode, and a nominal input voltage range of 12 VDC to 240 VAC.

  • c3controls

    c3controls offers general purpose and electric timing relays. General purpose relays come in flange mounted, miniature square base with pin, square base, and octal base. Blade and pin terminals (5A-25A) are available from 1-pole to 4-poles. Relays also come in hermetically sealed octal and miniature square base configurations. These have applications for Division 2 Group A-D, and Class 1 hazardous locations. 2-4 pole devices are offered with 12A, 10A, and 5A ratings. Electric timing relays feature multi, single, and dual functions. Timing ranges from 0.0 seconds up to 9,999 hours for applications that require complex timing. These relays measure 17.5 to 45 mm wide, and are available with multi-voltage supply design.