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  • R-K Electronics, Inc.

    R-K Electronics Inc. offers adjustable AC current sensing relays with 1 to 30 amps AC, and Go-No Go AC current sensing relays with 4 to 200 amps AC. The relays are available with 10 amp contact or 10 amp relay, and are used for motor over current sensing, motor or heater under current sensing, or motor of heat operation verification applications. The company also offers AC current sensing plug-ins with 2 to 50 amps and five ranges.

  • Macromatic Industrial Controls, Inc.

    Encapsulated and plug-in current sensing relays manufactured by Macromatic Industrial Controls Inc. can detect either overcurrent or undercurrent fault within process control, monitoring, and open heater applications. The encapsulated relays feature a fault trip current range of 0.5 to 50 amperes, while the plug-in relays feature a current range from 0.1 to 10A and time delay of 100ms to 10 seconds.

  • ABB

    ABB designs and manufactures COD current sensing relays used for capacitor switching applications. The relays are equipped with independently adjustable high current and low current circuit closing contacts.

  • Grainger Industrial Supply

    Grainger Industrial Supply distributes current sensor relays manufactured by Dayton and Magnecraft. The sensor relays are available with input voltage up to 240VAC and DIN rail or surface mounting.

  • Schneider Electric

    Schneider Electric's 841 current sensing relays feature rated current load of 15A and an input voltage range of 24 VAC to 240 VAC. Other specifications include: SPDT contact configuration, timing range of 0.1 seconds to 10 seconds, and sensing current range of 0.1 to 8 A.

  • Siemens

    Siemens' SIPROTEC 4 current sensing relays are used for a number of protection applications including busbar differential protection, distance protection, motor protection, overcurrent, transformer differential protection, bay controller, and CB controller.

  • American Aerospace Controls, Inc. (AAC)

    American Aerospace Controls manufactures a line of solid state DC current sensing relays including rail transit, ground fault, rail transit ground fault, commercial aircraft, and industrial grade-type models. Depending on model, the relays feature current sensing of 0 to 1600 amps. The company's S963 series output SPST relay features a 1 amp contact rating, automatic reset, and 28 VDC nominal supply.

  • B & B Electronics Manufacturing Co.

    B&B Electronics Manufacturing Co's current sensing relays feature input of 24VAC to 240 VAC, adjustable current setpoint, adjustable time delay up to 10 seconds, and 16A SPDT output contact ratings.

  • Braeburn

    Braeburn manufactures 120VAC current sensing relays and 240 VAC current sensing relays.