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  • Omron, STI Safety - Scientific Technologies, Inc.

    Omron offers safety relays in the following configurations: G9SA Series 3-5 pole, G9S Series hazardous operations, 2000 Series removable terminals, and 1000 Series fixed terminals). G9SX-GS safety guard switching units feature detailed LED indications, auxiliary/external indicator outputs, screw/spring-cage terminals, and automatic/manual switching options. These units are fitted with SPST-NC auxiliary and 3-5PST-NO main contacts.

  • Rockwell Automation

    Rockwell Automation offers safety relays in the following configurations: specialty, single-function, expansion, 300 Series configurable, and 200 Series modular. Model MSR7R/7C two-hand control monitoring relays feature 45mm wide housings, one NC auxiliary output, three NO safety outputs, and a two-hand control unit. These relays are CE marked, and they have power supply ratings ranging from 24 to 230V AC. They are compatible with photoelectric, capacitive, or mechanical switches. Rockwell also supplies expansion and specialty relays.

  • Pilz Automation Safety L.P.

    Pilz offers safety relays in the following configurations: PNOZsigma minimum width, PNOZpower switching high loads, PNOZelog solid state, PNOZcompact compact, and PNOZ X customized. PNOZ X customized safety relays feature fast commissioning plug-in terminals, an excellent performance/price ratio, a variety of product types, and universal power supply applications. These relays come in sizes ranging from 22.5 to 90mm, and they have the following applications: time delay, two-hand, pressure sensitive mat, light grid, safety gate, etc. Pilz also supplies PNOZclassic and PNOZpluz safety relays.

  • Eaton Corp.

    Eaton Corp. offers safety relays in the following configurations: two-hand monitoring, light curtain monitoring, ESR5 machine safety, and emergency-stop/safety door circuit. ESR5 machine safety relays have a variety of capabilities, including two-hand control monitoring, light curtain monitoring, safety door monitoring, and emergency standstill circuits. These relays feature voltage variants ranging from 24 to 230V AC DC, plug-in screw terminals, CUL/UL certifications, and ISO/IEC compliance.

  • Leuze Electronic, Inc.

    Leuze Electronic, Inc. offers safety relays in the following configurations: MSI-SR5 individual use, MSI-SR4 E-Stop/protective door monitoring, MSI-RM2 opto-electronic protective, MSI-DT E-Stop/protective-door monitoring, and MSI-CM E-Stop/two-hand control. MSI-SR5 individual use safety relays feature 22.5mm housing widths, LED displays, and monitored reset buttons. These relays can handle operating temperatures ranging from 0 to +55°C, supply voltages up to 24V AC, and 10 ms response times. They have cross circuit, double sensor, EDM, RES, and automatic start/restart monitoring functions. Leuze also supplies MSI-2H, MSI-T, and MSI-MC310 safety relays.

  • Crouzet Motors

    Crouzet offers micro controlled relays in a variety of configurations, including model KZH2-YS two-hand safety, model KSW3-JS standstill monitor, model KZE5-YS extension module, model KZHNU-YS re-leveling zone check, etc. These relays have the following applications: small industrial machines, presses, plastic machinery, packaging machines, etc. Model KSW3-JS standstill monitors feature 2 semiconductor monitoring outputs, 1-3 forcibly guided "NO/NC" security contacts, and voltages up to 24 VDC.

  • Altech Corp.

    Altech Corp. offers Dold brand safety relays for the following applications: safety gates, two-hand safety, monitoring devices, speed controls, curtains, light barriers, pressure mat controls, safety door controls, DIN rail safety modules, emergency stop modules, etc. These relays feature PCB sockets, voltages ranging from 5 to 100 VDC, 2-8 poles, and forced guided contacts. Model OA/OW 5669 safety relays have 8mm high creeping distance ratings, 4 KV high breakdown voltages, 0.5mm contact gaps, and 2 output contacts.

  • SICK, Inc.

    SICK, Inc. offers UE10 Series safety relays in over a dozen configurations. These relays feature 1-2 channels and signalling/enabling current paths ranging from 2/0 to 6/1.

  • ABB

    ABB offers C57x and C67xx range safety relays for the following applications: safety tread mats, two-hand controls, safety gate monitoring, and emergency stop circuits. These relays feature cyclic monitoring, two contactor relays, automatic machine restart, and individual fault coping.

  • Siemens

    Siemens offers SIRIUS 3RK3 modular safety systems for the following applications: slave-to-slave communication, safety-related AS-i output control, muting, protective door monitoring, etc. Basic data module models feature up to 7 connections, 1 safety-related relay/solid-state output, 8 safety-related inputs, and up to 32 bits of cyclic data exchange.

  • TE Connectivity

    TE Connectivity offers force guided relays in a variety of configurations. These relays feature current ratings ranging from 6A to 8A, 2-6 pole options, and AC/DC coil input options.

  • Automation Direct

    Automation Direct offers safety relay modules in the following configurations: light curtain controllers, time delay, two-hand control, gate, and E-Stop. Dold LG5924 Series 1-Channel emergency stop relays feature short circuit detection, LED indicators, 2 NO contacts, and single channel operations. These relays can handle nominal frequencies up to 60 Hz, consumption ratings up to 230 VAC, operating temperatures ranging from 5 to 131°F, and control currents up to 24 VDC.