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An electromechanical switch that is commonly used on devices which have two or more different modes of operations.

An electromechanical switch that is commonly used on devices which have two or more different modes of operations.

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  • NKK Switches

    NKK Switches manufactures electromechanical switches including 10mm DIP, standard, half-inch diameter, miniature power level, miniature PCB and 8mm DIP rotary switches. Various rotary switches feature power levels up to 250mA, 10A and 30A, and can be bushing or PCB mounted. Logic levels include 100mA and 0.4 VA.

  • Alps Electric Inc

    Alps Electric Inc. manufactures six series of rotary switches that feature 1/2 to 4 poles, and 2 to 10 positions. All but one of the company's rotary switches have a vertical operating direction. The various rotary switches feature ratings of 1mA 5V DC, 0.1A 16V DC, 0.3A 16 V DC, 0.25A 30V DC, or 0.15A 12 V DC.

  • Esterline Technologies Corporation

    Esterline Technologies Corporation manufactures five series of rotary selector switches including printed circuit, military, power, micro, and miniature types. Electrical ratings for each rotary switch type vary from 3 amps and 8 amps to 10 amps and 25 amps.

  • Cole Instrument Corp.

    Cole Instrument Co. specializes in developing various rotary switches including subminiature, subminiature shaftless, half-inch enclosed, inertia, one inch multi-deck enclosed, open frame and miniature multi-deck rotary switches. The company's electromechanical switches are for commercial, military and aerospace applications.

  • TE Connectivity

    TE Connectivity designs and manufactures rotary switches that have 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 24, or 32 positions. The various rotary switch code types include: 2 poles, 3 poles, 4 poles, BCD, BCD complement, BCD hexadecimal, BCO, hexadecimal, and single pole. The rotary switches also feature a number of different actuator styles.

  • Omega Engineering, Inc.

    Omega Engineering manufactures rotary selector switches in 3", 5" and 1/4 DIN sizes. The rotary switches feature 2 or 3 poles, 2 to 34 positions, and are used for isothermal, low resistance switching of temperature measurement controls.

  • All Electronics Corporation

    All Electronics Corp. supplies rotary switches manufactured by Dreefs, Alpha, and Apem. The Dreefs rotary switch is an 8-position switch that is matrix encoded, while the Apem-brand switch is a miniature 16-position rotary switch. The Alpha rotary switch is a 12-position switch that is PC mount and features one pole.

  • EAO Switch

    EAO Switch Corp. manufactures six series of rotary switches including 3A, 5A, and 10A models. The various rotary switches feature snap-action or momentary switching elements, LED illumination, protection up to IP65 and IP67, and bevels for raised or flush mounting. The rotary switches are also modular, and can be modified with different lens shapes, lever lengths, colors, and materials.

  • Allen-Bradley, a Rockwell Automation Brand

    Rockwell Automation manufactures Allen Bradley rotary switches that are available with four poles and can be mounted in a panel or purchased in an enclosure. Features of the company's rotary switches include 316L stainless steel keys, direct drive operation, and up to 400 A isolation. The switches have a mechanical life of 100,000 operations, and operating temperature of -10 through 40 C.

  • Shallco, Inc.

    Shallco Inc. manufactures and distributes subminiature and open frame rotary switches. The 1/2-inch subminiature rotary switches feature a current carrying capacity of 3 amps, current switching capacity of up to 1 amp, and exceed the general requirements of MIL-S-3786/20 - a military specification. The subminiature rotary switches also feature a minimum rotational life of 25,000 cycles. The open frame rotary switches also meet military specificiations and can withstand moderate environments. These rotary switches feature a current carrying capacity of 10 amps and a current switch capacity of up to 2 amps.

  • Elma Electronic, Inc.

    Elma Electronic Inc. designs and manufactures rotary switch types including: coded switches, encoders, selector switches, audio switches, push-pull switches, tactile-push switches, dip switches, slide switches, and toggle switches. The various switches feature switching torques from 0.5 Ncm to up to 20 Ncm. Several of the rotary switches are intended for rugged environments and have any operating temperate of up to -40C to 85C.

  • c3controls

    c3ontrols manufactures on-off and changeover cam switches, multi-step cam switches, ammeter switches, voltmeter switches, and motor reversing cam switches. The company also produces cam switches for load break applications. The various switches are available with up to 10 poles and 6 positions. The switches are rated up to 32A, and rated Type 1, 3, 3R, 12 and IP65.

  • Grayhill

    Grayhill manufactures single-deck and multi-deck rotary switches that feature ratings of 200mA, 0.25 amp, 1 amp or 10 amps. The various rotary switches also feature 1 to 6 poles and 1 to 12 decks. The company's rotary switches are used in radio frequency selection, navigation and communication equipment, precision test and measuring equipment, sound mixing and editing consoles, voice and data communications, military radios and receivers, automotive climate control, entertainment systems, and musical instrument controls.

  • Honeywell Sensing and Control

    Honeywell Sensing & Control is a manufacturer of rotary switches that feature 3 and 4 position options and integral connectors. The environmentally-sealed rotary switches have panel mounting, can be engineered with lever or knob actuators, and feature electrical ratings of 12 Vdc, 20A; and 24 Vdc, 8A.

  • APEM Components Inc

    APEM Components Inc. manufactures 7mm DIP coded rotary switches, sealed DIP coded rotary switches, and process compatible thru-hole or SMT DIP rotary switches. The various rotary switches are available in 4 to 16 positions and 10 to 16 positions.

  • Carling Technologies, Inc.

    Carling Technologies Inc. designs and manufactures four position, single pole rotary switches; eight position, single pole rotary switches; and single pole, single throw repeating-action rotary switches. The various rotary switches feature 1 to 4 amps, 3 to 8 amps, or 1.5 to 5 amps. All the switches feature bushing mount and 125 to 250VAC.

  • Carson Manufacturing Co.

    Carson Manufacturing Company Inc. designs and builds rotary switches for commercial building fan controls, industrials fans, farm fans, sports fan, floor polishers, portable heaters, blowers, and dryers. The rotary switches feature single or double contacts, up to 12 positions, and resistive load ratings of 5 amps and 10 amps.

  • Digitran, a div of Electro Switch Corp

    Digitran develops rotary switches that feature a low profile, post panel depth; switching current from 0.125 amp 28VAC/DC, 3 amps continuous; and an operating life of 1,000,000 detent. The rotary switches come with a choice of 15, 30, 36, or 46-degree indexing angles. The switches also meet environmental requirements of MIL-DTL-3786.

  • DuraSwitch Industries Inc

    DuraSwitch Industries Inc. designs and patents rotary switches that feature a life of 100,000 rotations, low current of 50mA or less, and package thickness below overlay of less than .085". The rotary switches can be stand alone discrete rotor or integrated into control panels, and are available with multiple codes and indexing options.

  • Eeco Switch

    EECO Switch manufactures a surface mount-type rotary switch, DIP rotary switches, low profile fully-sealed rotary DIP switches, and double pole rotary DIP switches. The company claims its double pole rotary DIP switch are an industry exclusive and ideal for CMOS logic applications.