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  • APEM Components Inc

    Sealed DIP coded rotary switches and 7mm DIP coded rotary switches designed and manufactured by APEM Components Inc. feature 10 or 16 positions in thru-hole or surface mount, or 4 to 16 positions with thru-hole mounting.

  • Purdy Electronics Corp.

    Purdy Electronics Corp. distributes Interswitch DIP rotary coded switches available with 10 to 16 positions. Designed for solder mounting on PCBs, the switches feature molded-in contacts, kinked terminals, positive and firm detent action, and right angle mounting.

  • Lorlin Electronics

    Lorlin Electronics designs and manufactures 16 position coded rotary switches, Gray coded switch, and a 16 position binary coded switches for process control applications. The switches are available in metric, imperial, and complimentary code versions.