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  • Ross Engineering Corp.

    Ross Engineering manufactures high voltage rotary switches available with one to five poles, and two to 12 throw. The switches can operate at 2 kV to 450 kV and 1 mA to more than 200A; and are designed for full voltage contact to contact, or for applications where contact to contact voltage is considerably less than pole to pole or HV contact to ground.

  • Multi-Tech Industries, Inc.

    High voltage rotary switch produced by Multi-Tech Industries are available from 2000volts/20 amps to 24,000 volts/100 amps. Designed for RF power applications, the switches feature current carrying capacities of 10, 20, 30, 40, or 100 ampere, and current carrying components that are heavy silver plated. The company also manufactures Mil-spec SR05 style subminiature and low voltage rotary switches.