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Solenoids use an electromechanical solenoid to turn high power circuits on and off in hydraulic machinery, control actuators and other industrial equipment.

A solenoid switch is a specific type of relay that internally uses an electromechanical solenoid to turn high power circuits – found in process machine applications - on and off. A variety of solenoid switch designs exist including: locking, cutting, clamping, punching, positioning, diverting, holding, rotating, linear, rotary, bi-stable, and latching.Common solenoid switch types include pneumatic solenoid valves and hydraulic solenoid valves. A pneumatic solenoid valve is a switch for routing air to any pneumatic device. These valves are commonly used to control a piston or other linear actuator. Hydraulic solenoid valves are used by hydraulic machinery to control the flow of oil or to control actuators used in manufacturing applications.

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  • Deltrol Controls

    Deltrol Controls offers a variety of solenoids including C-frame, D-frame, tubular and magnetic latching. Both DC and AC powered models are offered. These solenoids are typically used in generators, printing equipment, HVAC, security, beverage dispensing equipment, medical equipment, small engines, valves, and gaming equipment.

  • LEDEX-Johnson Electric

    Ledex manufactures rotary and linear type solenoids. Ledex linear types are designed for use in appliances, vending machines, door locks, coin changers, circuit breakers, pumps, medical apparatus, automotive transmissions and postal machines, while rotary solenoids have applications in machine tools, lasers, photo processing, media storage, medical apparatus, sorters, fire door closures, and postal machines.

  • Moog, Inc., Industrial Controls Div.

    Moog designs and manufactures solenoids for use in a wide variety of industries including automotive and aerospace applications. Moog offers a variety of linear electromechanical actuated solenoids as well as linear solenoids and rotary solenoids. The linear solenoids are available in pull or push configurations and feature a combination of high-flux magnetic metals and dry lubricants to provide more power. Moog's rotary solenoids are used widely in the commercial airline industry.

  • The Solenoid Company

    The Solenoid Company manufactures linear, rotary, holding and latching solenoids for a variety of applications including automation, vending machines, medical, aviation, railway and automotive applications. The Solenoid Company also manufactures custom solenoid models for specific applications as well as stock solenoids and solenoid valves.

  • Magnetic Sensor Systems

    Magnetic Sensor Systems manufactures a variety of solenoids including tubular, open frame, low profile, hinged clapper, latching and rotary solenoids, Magnetic Sensor Systems also offers a variety of solenoid electronics and controls.

  • Trombetta Corp.

    Trombetta is an engineer and manufacturer of solenoids for a wide range of industrial applications. Models include the P5000 family of pull solenoids, Q500 push solenoids, P600 push solenoids and the Q600 pull solenoids.

  • Bicron Electronics Co.

    Bircon Electronics manufactures a broad range of solenoid products including rotary, push-pull, tubular, open frame, magnetic latching and proportional models. Solenoids from Bicron have maximum force values ranging up to 70 pounds. Bicron also offers a large line of Shindengen brand solenoids.

  • Magnet Schultz of America

    Magnet-Schultz of America manufactures a variety of custom solenoids including C-frame, D-frame and tubular types. These models achieve higher forces by changing the duty cycle and input power to the coil with the standard solenoid and can provide push of pull actuation.

  • Johnson Electric

    Johnson Electric is a manufacturer of solenoids including high speed designs that can be actuated in milliseconds providing smooth noiseless actuation with a small profile design and simplified controls. Johnson Electric solenoids also feature torque up to 30 pounds, variable positioning and will perform as specified up to 100 million cycles.

  • G.W. Lisk Co., Inc.

    G.W. Lisk manufactures linear solenoids and rotary solenoids. Linear solenoids from Lisk are designed for a variety of heavy duty, medical, automotive and commercial applications. Lisk rotary solenoids offer precise rotations and zero axial motion.Single ball cam armature and stalled rotor designs are available capable of up to 8000g's stalled rotor design provides exceptional survivability in the extreme applications.

  • Kurz-Kasch, Inc.

    Kurz-Kasch, Inc manufactures high performance solenoids for aerospace, appliance, automotive, electrical, HVAC, irrigation and many other applications.

  • Quality Coils, Inc.

    Quality Coils Inc manufactures specialized solenoid products including solenoid coils and solenoid valves.

  • Westfield Hydraulics Inc.

    Westfield Hydraulics is a developer, engineer and manufacturer of hydraulic solenoid valves and multi-position solenoid valves. Westfield is committed to  completely computerized manufacturing environment from a CAD engineering system to a fully integrated networking material system including capacity planning, quality trend analysis and job costing.