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  • BWI Eagle, Inc.

    BWI Eagle, Inc. offers Eagle Tac-Switches, Optima Series switches, and I.S. Optima Series switches. Switches can monitor speeds from 0 to 2000 RPM, they have operator temperatures ranging from -40 to +140°F, and power inputs up to 120 VAC. Switches are enclosed in ABS plastic, and they have DP/DT 10 amp @ 120 V relay contacts. Switch applications include: processing apparatuses, drag conveyors, bucket elevators, pumps, fans, kilns, conveyors, etc.

  • Torq Corp.

    Torq Corp. offers ZSS Zero Speed switches and XZS Zero Speed switches for hazardous locations. These switches have operating temperatures ranging from -22 to 150°F, an output power of 10 amps, an maximum input power of 240 VAC/130 VDC, and a maximum continuous running speed of 5000 RPM. Switches have applications for saw mills, rotary airlocks, power plants, plastics industries, OEM, mining equipment, foundries, food processing, chemical processing, bucket elevators, etc.

  • Access Control Sales

    Access Control Sales offers Eagle Tac-Switches, Eagle Optima Series switches, and Eagle I.S. Optima Series intrinsically safe critical/speed switches. Switches have operating temperatures ranging from -40 to +140°F, an adjustable ramp-up timer from 1-20 seconds, RPMs up to 5000, DP/DT 8-10 AMP @120 V relay contacts, and a power input of 120 VAC. Switches have applications for conveyor scales, processing apparatus, fans, crushers, fans, crushers, pumps, etc.

  • MaxiGard

    MaxiGard offers Maxigard A5000 Series switches. Switches have the following features: drive failure/mechanical equipment detection, equipment controlling, prove rotation of mechanical equipment, provides rotation signals to PLC, LED indicating light, 5 amp relay outputs, etc. Applications include: blenders, dust collectors, rotary airlocks, screw conveyors, pumps, gear drives, etc.

  • Control Concepts Inc

    Control Concepts, Inc. offers Rotoguard III speed switches. Switches detect changes in motion between 1 and 400 RPM, and are available in the following enclosure types: NEMA 4/5 weather/dust proof and NEMA 7/9 explosion proof. Switch applications include: rotary kilns, burners, dryers, crushers, airlocks, fans, bucket elevators, drums, motors, blowers, conveyors, etc.

  • Hubbell Industrial

    Hubbell Industrial offers Series 2200 Type PR zero-speed plugging switches (with normally open contacts) for machine interlocking and machine tool applications.