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An organized list of distributors of electronic and electrical switches and relay.

An organized list of distributors of electronic and electrical switches and relay.

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  • RS Electronics

    RS Electronics are relay and switch distributors. Types of switches include DIP, keylock, limit, pushbutton, rocker, rotary, slide, and others. Relays available include automotive, contactors, general purpose, high isolation, signal, solid state, switching, time delay, and more.

  • Powell Electronics, Inc.

    Powell Electronics are distributors of snap action, DIP, leaf, limit, membrane, photoelectric, pushbutton, rocker, rotary, sensors, slide, thumbwheel and toggle switches. Powell also offers relays for switching to more than 1,000 amps, voltages up to 70kV, and frequencies up to 6 GHz.

  • NTE Electronics, Inc.

    NTE are distributors of over 400 types of switches cross referenced to over 2800 industry devices. Their over 750 types of UL and CSA listed relays are available from 267 different suppliers.

  • Grainger Industrial Supply

    Grainger is an online distributor of switches. Products include electronic, float, hand, limit, motor, pressure and safety switches.

  • Electronic Surplus Inc.

    Electronic Surplus are distributors of switches and relays. Types of switches include DIP, foot-operated, illuminated, key-operated, leaf, limit, military, proximity, pushbutton, and many more. Relays offered include AC coils, contactors, DC coils, mercury, overload, reed, solid state, and others.

  • Newark

    Newark are switch and relay distributors for industrial, communication and electronic applications. Suppliers include TE Connectivity, IDEC, Omron, Cutler Hammer, Magnecraft, Moeller, NTE Electronics, Square D, Stancor, and many others.

  • Autonics USA

    Autonics Online are switch distributors carrying momentary, illuminated and double push button switches, as well as pilot lamps, selector switches, emergency stops and contact blocks.

  • Digi-Key Corp.

    Digi-Key are distributors of DIP, keylock, magnetic reed, pushbutton, rocker, rotary, selector, slide, snap action, limit, lever, tactile, thumbwheel and toggle switches. Configurable switch components are also available.

  • Sager Electronics

    Sager offers relays from suppliers like Crydom, Grayhill, Hamlin, Honeywell, IDEC, Omron, Potter & Brumfield/TE Connectivity, SAIA Burgess/Johnson Electric, and others. Switch suppliers include AMP/TE Connectivity, C & K Components, Clarostat/Honeywell, ITW, Omron, Switchcraft, and others.

  • Allied Electronics, Inc.

    Allied Electronics offers limit, pushbutton, toggle, rocker, snap action, safety, keylock, DIP, rotary, tactile, thumbwheel and slide switches. Relays offered include reed, contactors, solenoids, time delay, solid state and electromechanical types.

  • IBS Electronics

    IBS Electronics is a global distributor of Omron relays, including automotive, general purpose, heavy-duty, low signal, MOS FET, power PCB, HF, industrial and solid state types.

  • Jameco Electronics

    Jameco Electronics offers a wide variety of relay types from such manufacturers as Sanyou, Potter & Brumfield/Tyco, Rayex, Jameco, Omron, NAIS, and many others.

  • Lesman

    The Lesman Instrument Company carries UE (United Electric) switches, including pressure, differential pressure, and temperature types. Switch accessories from UE are also available.

  • Mouser Electronics

    Mouser Electronics are switch distributors. Types available include basic, snap action, limit, coaxial, coded rotary, control, detector, DIP, SIP, keylock, magnetic, reed, multi-directional, jog, tactile, tilt, and many others.

  • Beyond Components LLC

    Beyond Components are relay and switch distributors. Relay suppliers include Aleph, Bosch, CIT, Deltrol, Elesta, Guardian, Picker, Sanyou, and others. Switch suppliers include AEG, Baco, Comus, DNA, E-Switch, Fuji Electric, Idec, McGill, RDI, SAIA, TH Contact, Vimex, WEG, and others.

  • Marsh Electronics, Inc.

    Marsh Electronics are relay and switch distributors. Relay suppliers include Tyco, American Zettler, CIT, Grayhill, Hella, National Controls, and others. Switch suppliers include Alps, Bulgin, Carlingswitch, Eaton, Fema Electronics, Ideal, Otto Controls, and others.