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Used to increase or decrease differential temperature in industrial and light industrial applications that utilize air and water.

Temperature switches are used to increase or decrease differential temperature in industrial and light industrial applications that utilize air and water.Industrial temperature switches often feature a high grade of enclosure and are suited for use in harsh environments. They are also resistant to the effects of shock and vibration, and feature temperatures settings of 51ºC to 337ºC.These industrial switches are available in a variety of housings including polycarbonate, stainless steel or aluminum; and feature various explosion proof ratings.

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  • Selco Products Co.

    Selco manufactures disc temperature switches (thermostats). There are five models of 1/2" automatic reset disc switches, and two models of 1/2" manual reset disc switches to choose from. Selco also offers 3/4" disc temperature switches in either automatic or manual reset configurations. Their 1/2" hermetically sealed thermostats offer a temperature range of -67ºF to 550ºF (-54ºC to 288ºC).

  • National Semiconductor Corp.

    National Semiconductor manufactures temperature switches with factory preset or user programmable set points. Set point ranges vary from -55 to 150°C. The LM26LV is a low-voltage, precision, dual-output, low-power temperature switch.The LM26 is a single digital-output, low-power thermostat. The LM56 is a dual output low power thermostat.

  • Ashcroft, Inc.

    Ashcroft manufactures the GT model temperature switches with a stainless steel enclosure for corrosion protection, LT temperature switches for general purpose industrial applications, the PT-N7 with a dual chamber design for added safety, and the T400 and T700 for most process applications.

  • Dwyer Instruments, Inc.

    Dwyer Instruments manufactures a variety of temperature switches, including thermocouple, digital, thermocouple limit control, dual stage, digital temperature/water level, and digital refrigeration temperature switches. Thermocouple types monitor and control temperature in heating and cooling applications. Digital switches offer tactile front keypads.

  • Kayden Instruments

    Kayden Instruments manufactures temperature switches for liquids, gases, are and slurry applications. Features include 4-20 mA current Loop for analog monitoring and universal power input (12-24 VDC and 115-230 VAC). Temperature switches come in threaded, retractable threaded, threaded single, threaded in-line, flanged, retractable flanged, flanged in-line, and sanitary flanged styles.

  • Nason

    Nason manufactures four different models of temperature switches. Their TT model is a bi-metal immersion temperature switch with factory preset temperature and direct action contacts (minimum hysteresis). The TD model uses the snap disc approach to sense temperature and is factory preset. Their TM model utilizes a bellows mechanism to sense temperature. Their HT model uses a bellows high amp design.

  • Control Products, Inc.

    CPI (Control Products, Inc.) manufactures two types of temperature switches. Their bimetalicc thermal switches offer a temperature range of 0 - 600°F and come in six different series'. Their rod and tube thermal switches have a temperature range of 0 - 1750°F and have five different series' to choose from.

  • Hydra-Electric

    Hydra Electric offers the 60H-T lightweight miniaturized temperature switch, designed for hydraulic, oil and fuel system temperature control. This unit's design utilizes a saturated vapor probe thermal system and a constant modulous negative rate disc spring sensing mechanism to provide quick responses and accurate settings. Welded hermetic stainless steel construction.

  • Barksdale, Inc.

    Barksdale manufactures bi-metal and snap disc temperature switches in many varieties, including explosion proof, industrial, general purpose and hazardous area types. Temperature ratings range from -50° to 600°F. The Series ML1S features a one-piece, brass thermowell design, which houses a bi-metallic, SPST snap switch.

  • Ives Equipment Corp.

    Ives is a distributor of temperature switches and many other products for sanitary and analytical controls and equipment.

  • LumaSense Technologies, Inc.

    LumaSense Technologies builds infrared temperature switches used for recognizing, counting or positioning hot objects such as forges or steel works. Their model KTS 218 has a temperature range of 700-1500°C. The model KTG 218 temperature switch has a range of 400-1400°C. LumaSense also makes a small, compact, digital infrared pyrometer for non-contact temperature measurement from -40 to 700°C.

  • MaxiGard

    Maxigard (Process Control Systems) builds the CT5000 temperature switch that accepts types J, K, T and E thermocouples. Other features include a set point adjust LED indicating light, terminal block connections and five amp relay contacts. They can be either AC or DC powered. Maxigard also manufactures the CT2000A temperature alarm system featuring individual temperature set point control with an audible alarm.

  • Madison Co.

    Madison manufactures a full line of temperature switches. Designs include stand-alone types and temperature switches that can be combined with liquid level switches. Also available are snap-action bimetallic disk configurations. Other features include low differential between opening/closing temperatures, and various contact types and ratings.

  • Maxim Integrated

    Maxim builds small temperature switches designed for portable, space constrained applications. The two types of temperature switches Maxim manufactures are remote and local type switches. Their remote temperature switches are dual output switches with 125°C remote threshold. They offer a complete line of local temperature switches, some with programmable threshold or cold trip threshold.

  • Invensys Operations Management

    Eurotherm (a division of Invensys Operations Management) designs and supplies a variety of multi-loop and single-loop temperature controllers for plastic extrusion, heat treatment and semi-conductor processes. The company also designs application specific versions of temperature controllers including atmoshpere, vacuum, carbon and chamber controllers.

  • Index Sensors & Controls Inc.

    Index Sensors & Controls manufactures a wide array of heavy-duty industrial switches including a full line of temperature switches. These switches offer a long life of up to 1,000,000 cycles or more, fast response, superior accuracy, customizable specifications and are versatile to fit a wide range of applications.


    AMOT is a designer and manufacturer of temperature sensor and switch products. The 4250 series hazardous duty temperature/pressure switch features an explosion proof case and is CSA approved for use in jacket water over-temperature, engine coolant loss and compressor oil over-temperature applications.